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Service/API Virtualization with Live Use Case

Service/API Virtualization with Live Use Case
Service/API Virtualization with Live Use Case

Service/API Virtualization with Live Use Case

Only Service Virtualization / API Virtualization course with Real-time examples & How it is helpful in DevOps

What you’ll learn

Service/API Virtualization with Live Use Case

  • By end of this course, You will get complete knowledge of API Virtualization
  • You will be able to understand end-to-end API virtualization
  • In-depth understanding of API Virtualization with Live Examples
  • Complete knowledge of how virtualization plays a vital role in DevOps
  • Understanding of Protocols involved in SV


  • No Experience is Required.


Learn all about APIs and Service Virtualization in an easy-to-understand way. Service Virtualization has been part of the DevOps ecosystem for a long time.

If you are a beginner and need a quick understanding of API and Service virtualization concepts then this course is for you. With two point explanation using examples

My Name is Rahul Verma and I have over 8 years of experience in the IT world as a Service Virtualization Consultant.

This course will help you gain quite a good understanding of service virtualization and its foundation in very less time along with real project Use Case scenarios, It will help you understand how it plays a very important role in DevOps culture

There is no other Course on Udemy regarding service virtualization and neither is on Youtube.

So it is the perfect opportunity to grab and learn about something that is rising in popularity.

Don’t think Service Virtualization is linked to only enterprise tools; it can be implemented in many open-source tools like Blazemeter Service virtualization, Hoverfly, SoapUI, etc.

Topics covered include:

  • Foundation of API
  • Difference between Web Service & API
  • HTTP/S Concepts
  • REST Architecture
  • API Specifications
  • WSDL Specification
  • Open API Specification
  • Smartbear Swagger specifications
  • Using Swagger Editor
  • Understanding API Documentation
  • Service Virtualization concepts from basic to advanced
  • Identifying Unavailable systems in Application architecture and replacing them with virtual Systems
  • Role of Service Virtualization in DevOps

Who this course is for:

  • For testing professionals who are curious to know how testing can be done in absence of unavailable systems
  • For developers to replace real Apis and vendor systems
  • For those who want to understand the revolutionary role of Service Virtualization in DevOps

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