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AWS Tutorials – Learn AWS For Free – Free Course Site – For IT professionals, knowing how to efficiently handle application migration to the cloud is critical. In this course, cloud computing expert provides an approach and methodology for moving applications to the cloud. He begins by considering the business case for moving to the cloud, highlighting the risks involved, and providing an overview of public and private cloud migration. Next, he explains how to select the right workloads for migration; pick the right target platform whether it be public, private, or hybrid cloud; use cloud-based tools from AWS, Microsoft, and Google; establish a process; get to a high scale when moving workloads; and understand security.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the business case for moving to the cloud
  • Understanding the risks in moving to the cloud
  • Moving to public and private clouds
  • Identifying workloads that should migrate to the cloud
  • Picking a target platform
  • Using AWS, Microsoft, and Google migration tools
  • Setting up a migration factory
  • Migrating at scale
  • Considering security
  • DevOps on the cloud
  • Continuous delivery, testing, integration, and deployment
  • Creating your own DevOps processes
  • Defining logical and physical processes
  • Selecting cloud services: AWS, Google, Microsoft, and others
  • DevOps use cases