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Arduino Tutorial – Learn Arduino For Free – Free Course Site

Arduino Tutorial – Learn Arduino For Free – Free Course Site – Arduino, the family of open-source single-board microcontrollers, can power a variety of complex projects, from robots to wearable tech. That said, the technology is relatively easy to pick up, even for those without an electronics background. In this course, We cover the basic features and capabilities of an Arduino board, equipping beginners with the knowledge they need to start programming their own projects. We go over fundamental concepts, such as how to set up the Arduino board with the Arduino IDE. She also shows how to wire up an LED to your Arduino board and write a program to blink the LED lights. Plus, she goes over pushbuttons, explaining why they are considered inputs to the Arduino board, as well as how to activate an LED with a pushbutton.

Topics include:

  • What’s an Arduino?
  • Creating an Arduino program
  • Using the setup() and loop() functions
  • Using the pinMode() and digitalWrite() commands
  • Creating your first sketch
  • Writing code to turn LEDs on and off
  • Wiring a pushbutton to Arduino
  • Activating an LED with a pushbutton
  • Troubleshooting
  • Interfacing with an LCD screen
  • Wiring and coding the LCD interface
  • Displaying random numbers on the LCD
  • Interfacing with a seven-segment LED component
  • Cycling through LEDs
  • Using a shift register to interface with a seven-segment LED
  • Interfacing with a keypad
  • Combining the LCD, keypad, and LED