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Masterclass on Software Testing: From Novice to Beginners (2022)

Masterclass on Software Testing: From Novice to Beginners (2022)
Masterclass on Software Testing: From Novice to Beginners (2022)

Masterclass on Software Testing: From Novice to Beginners (2022)

Become a QA Engineer or Agile Tester by learning software testing. Web, backend, and mobile QA testing. JIRA, TestRail, and many more things!

What you’ll learn

Masterclass on Software Testing: From Novice to Beginners (2022)

  • In about 7 hours, you could learn the basic testing skills you need to get software testing jobs.
  • Be able to convince potential employers that you understand software testing.
  • Using test tools like JIRA, Confluence, TestRail, TestLodge, Charles Proxy, Postman, GitHub, and Miro, you can become a great software tester.
  • Discover chances for freelancing and start getting paid to test now!
  • Join the testing community to stay up to date on all the most important issues in the IT world.


  • You can get all the free software and tools you need by setting the computer’s operating system to Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Mobile devices running iOS or Android are acceptable for the section on testing mobile applications.
  • None other! Only you, your computer, and your commitment are required!


The Complete Software Testing Masterclass is pleased to welcome you.

With the help of this course, you may learn software testing and become a productive software tester or Agile Tester.

Learn JIRA, SQL, TestRail, TestLodge, Confluence, Charles Proxy, and GitHub, as well as the fundamentals of Mobile Testing, Backend Testing, Web Testing, and Test Engineering.

After you finish this course, you’ll know what you need to know to get a job as a software tester or start your own freelancing business.

We’ll also go through a variety of testing sites where you may start being paid as a BETA tester.

We’ll teach you all you need to know to be successful as a software tester by guiding you step-by-step via interesting video lectures.

To ensure that you have a positive learning experience, we spent many hours editing all of the subtitles.

Why ought you to enroll in this course?

On Udemy, this software testing course is the finest and most recent. With accompanying real-world examples, we cover all the key testing approaches in both Agile and conventional ways.

Become a member now and look forward to:

  1. 7 hours and more of HD video
  2. You can get all the information you need in one spot to begin a career in software testing.
  3. Start training online to start making money right now.
  4. Stay current by learning about the latest issues in the IT sector.

Who this course is for:

  • If you have never taken an exam before, this course is ideal for you.
  • For professionals looking to improve their software testing skills and land a job in the IT industry, as well as intermediates looking to advance to the expert level.
  • Basically, to everyone interested in testing and learning more!

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