How To Get The Most Exposure Of Seo For Your Website

How To Get The Most Exposure Of Seo For Your Website

Websites are a common approach to make your content accessible to other people. Not only businesses are growing with it but a whole digital market has evolved in the recent decades with the advancements in image processing and artificial intelligence fields. This also led to the innovation of many advanced tools which are also serving as a companion for SEO optimization such as picture search etc. many popular search engines are using these tools to enhance the user experience and give website owners something new to focus on.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Browsers display picture search results as links to different websites. The links are ranked according to specific standards which may vary according to every browser’s algorithm.

Also, these formulas for page ranking do not remain rigid forever. New benchmarks are added, removed, and altered. Google also modifies its algorithm from time to time so that websites that are the best in their category are ranked on the top by fair means.

How To Get More Exposure By Making The Website Seo-friendly?

To make your website rank better in search results and attract more clients, there are many factors that you can implement while developing your website or even in already developed platforms.

  1. Use of Images

Try to fit maximum images in your content so that people get attracted to what you are trying to convey. Experiments and research have revealed that people tend to process visual input much faster as compared to textual information. Therefore, it is a common practice that people prefer visual content because of the massive use of social media by young people. With the development of advance image search tools, images have gained much more importance. Previously, browsers were not able to make any useful information out of the graphical data of the images. But now, image processing has enabled browsers to deduce useful information from images, making full use of the image dataset.

Using more images will help increase your chances of making your content appear in image search results. A reverse picture will be a representative of your platform and direct organic traffic to your website, making it easier to increase the number of clicks for your website.

  1. Use of keywords

Use keywords in your content as much as you can so that the content appears relevant to the browser’s algorithm. Keywords should be used cautiously because previously the algorithm was very simple and just considered that the more the keywords, the more is the content authentic and better in quality. But this changed when the authorities observed that poor website content which only had keywords flushed in them was popping on the top.

Then Google changed its ranking standard and involved user experience as a factor. This means that if you include unnecessary keywords and people don’t like your content, then it will result in lesser clicks and traffic which will ultimately drop the ranking of your page.

  1. Build Backlinks

Try to make shareable media so that they can be shared on other people’s platforms. This makes a gateway for traffic to your website. If you want to find which of your images are backlinked, find the pages of your website which have the most traffic. Pick its images and perform a picture search on them. If you find that some websites are using your image without giving credit to you, then you can request a backlink, and they will give it to you.

The more the number of backlinks you gained, the more is your content authentic and showing to the readers according to the algorithm of different browsers.

  1. Use Original Content

Try to make both image and text data original so that you do not undergo plagiarism and copyright issues. As far as image dataset is concerned you should always prefer to make original content so that you can increase your chances of appearing in the picture search results. It is okay to use stock images or duplicate images as content as long as you give credit, but it becomes a problem when your image makes it to picture search results.

The photo search algorithm gets confused over which website to connect to the image if the same image is used by other websites as well. Google always tries not to show exact similar results in the reverse picture lookup resulting feed so that users do not get annoyed by redundant data. If the image has to appear only once in the results and more than one websites are in line to be represented by the image, the chance of your platform making it to the link can be very less.


There are many factors that you can consider making your website SEO-friendly. But make sure that you keep up with the changing standards of the browsers and make necessary changes to your website when needed.