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AWS Simulated Job Interviews by the AWS Coaches

AWS Simulated Job Interviews by the AWS Coaches
AWS Simulated Job Interviews by the AWS Coaches

AWS Simulated Job Interviews by the AWS Coaches

Prepare for your AWS-related job interview with the AWS Coaches! Sample questions, answers, and in-depth explanations!

What you’ll learn

AWS Simulated Job Interviews by the AWS Coaches

  • Learn how to effectively interview for AWS related career opportunities
  • Experience multiple AWS simulated job interviews in different knowledge areas


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Are you interested in starting a career related to AWS, or looking to advance your career? This course will help you nail your interview and get your dream job!

A group of four AWS experts (Rick Crisci, Marko Sluga, Chad Smith, and Rich Morrow) have teamed up to create four simulated AWS job interviews. Each interview is different and covers a unique set of Amazon Web Services skills.

Interview #1, by Rick Crisci, covers basic AWS knowledge, and how to design effective AWS architectures.

Interview #2, by Chad Smith, covers AWS System Operations tasks, and the skills you will need to continuously maintain a cloud infrastructure.

The Interview #3, by Rich Morrow, covers AWS Big Data knowledge, and how to manage and move large quantities of data using Amazon Web Services solutions.

Interview #4, by Marko Sluga, covers Developer topics and is ideal for candidates interested in starting a career in development on AWS.

The course is formatted so that you will listen to your interviewer ask a question, and then you will take a moment to formulate your answer. The interviewer will then explain the ideal answer, and the surrounding concepts that will help you truly understand the ideal solution. You’ll also find some great insider tips on how to master the job interview from the AWS coaches, who all have experience hiring candidates.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to advance their career!
  • Last updated 4/2021

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