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Web Designing Professionally: Real World Project

Web Designing Professionally: Real World Project

Web Designing Professionally: Real-World Project

Be a Professional Web Designer by understanding different Stages of Crafting modern and professional websites.

What you’ll learn

Web Designing Professionally: Real-World Project

  • How to craft Web Design Ideas?
  • Web Designing Professionally
  • Different Web Design Stages
  • Structuring and Styling Web Pages
  • Implementing Design Principles and Colors for Modern Website Design
  • Making Websites Mobile Ready (Responsive) using Media Queries


  • Basic Knowledge of HTML and CSS will be a plus point.
  • Enthusiasm to Learn Web Design


In this course, you will learn to create a beautiful Responsive website using HTML and CSS only.

And we will use media queries to make it responsive (mobile-ready).

Once you’re comfortable with web designing using HTML and CSS only, using frameworks like Bootstrap will be so easy. It’ll be like a piece of cake.

Not only the technical part (HTML and CSS), I’m also explaining my web design process in detail.

And follow them to complete this project.

To complete any web design project, I divide the complete process into 4 different stages

1. Idea Mapping

In this stage, I listen to the clients and gather as much information (requirements) from them as possible.

Then, based on the information I do research. Look at some web designs on Pinterest and Behance.

Then I make a rough sketch (wireframe) of the web page on paper with pen or pencil.

And then design it (UI) using software like Photoshop or Sketch.

2. Structuring

In this stage, First I divide the conceptual web page design into different sections.

Then, Add HTML elements to each section based on their requirements.

3. Styling

In this stage, we make our structured web page more beautiful or presentable using CSS.

The web page will get its real colors, space, images, etc.

4. Making Mobile Ready

By this time, our web page is well designed and presentable. The only thing left is, to make it responsive or mobile-ready. To make it beautifully viewable in many different sizes, we will use media queries to make it responsive.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested to learn Web Design from Start to End
  • Last updated 5/2021

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