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The EVE NG Cybersecurity Lab Environment

The EVE NG Cybersecurity Lab Environment
The EVE NG Cybersecurity Lab Environment

The EVE NG Cybersecurity Lab Environment

Step-by-Step Lab Workbook for Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking Lab Setup Instructions

What you’ll learn

The EVE NG Cybersecurity Lab Environment

  • You will learn how to build a hacking lab setup in this Bootcamp.
  • Critical Information, Defense Models, and an Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • talents in ethical hacking and pen testing.
  • Any kind of picture conversion to EVE NG qcow2 will be taught to me.
  • Web or Internet layering
  • Installing and setting up EVE-NG
  • configure several web apps that are weak.
  • Set up multiple operating systems for hacking.


  • Must have a basic understanding of security and IP.
  • Students must comprehend the fundamentals of networking.
  • The fundamentals of networking must be understood by students.
  • Understanding of networking technologies in use.
  • General Understanding of TCP/IP
  • Linux and programming fundamentals.


This course will show you how to build up a lab environment where you can practice your pen testing, cybersecurity, and ethical hacking skills by launching a cyberattack, checking for vulnerabilities, running research projects, and more. You will learn four distinct ways to convert any kind of picture to qcow2 after taking this course, so I’m certain you won’t ever need to ask someone for even NG qcow2 photos again. Additionally, you will have little problem troubleshooting the everyday EVNG faults you encounter. It will

If you have these targets, you may do research, launch attacks, and test for security flaws without compromising your production environment.

Who ought to go?

This course is recommended for anybody who wishes to gain knowledge about cyber security and apply its concepts in a risk-free setting. This is the ideal place to start if you want to master cybersecurity research and understand hacking techniques.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to build a cybersecurity lab should take this course.
  • Engineers working in networks and security.
  • Engineers working in network security who want to develop their abilities will find.
  • Engineers in network and security are seeking to run various tests.

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