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Tailwind CSS Job Consultancy Website: React Training

Tailwind CSS Job Consultancy Website: React Training
Tailwind CSS Job Consultancy Website: React Training

Tailwind CSS Job Consultancy Website: React Training

By creating a practical project, you may learn Tailwind CSS.

What you’ll learn

Tailwind CSS Job Consultancy Website: React Training

  • Integration of Tailwind CSS with React.
  • Essential principles on tailwind CSS taught in detail\sWorking with Lottie Animation
  • Using the first utility CSS framework, create a website or blog for your business.
  • You will be able to create your first client project at the conclusion of this course for any small business, marketing agency, neighborhood shop, etc.


  • React Basics and CSS Basics



React is a front-end JavaScript toolkit that is free and open-source for creating user interfaces based on UI components.

CSS tailwind

An efficient CSS framework for creating unique user interfaces is called Tailwind CSS. It is a low-level CSS framework that is very flexible and gives you all the building blocks you need to make unique designs without annoying styles that you have to work hard to get around.

According to the official Tailwind CSS documentation, Tailwind CSS is a low-level, highly flexible CSS framework that lets you make custom designs by removing styles from components that you would normally want to change.

Without actually doing any coding, CSS can be used to create stunning, personalized user interfaces. The utility comes foremost in the framework called Tailwind CSS. This implies that you are free to design any component you choose.

When applying the principle of “form follows function,” the utility class’s name accurately anticipates its precise role in the simplicity of design.

Tailwind collects the most important CSS attributes into a package that can be changed and added to based on the needs of the project.

You will learn about the following subjects in this course:

  1. Setup and Installation of Tailwind
  2. using Tailwind CSS and Pure CSS simultaneously.
  3. height, width, margins, paddings, and colors.
  4. Flexbox Positions and Alignments
  5. Keyframes and animations
  6. Creating responsive webpages without using media queries

Who this course is for:

  • UI Developers
  • React Developers
  • Front End Developers


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