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Tailwind CSS : Build 2 Advanced Projects

Tailwind CSS : Build 2 Advanced Projects
Tailwind CSS : Build 2 Advanced Projects

Tailwind CSS : Build 2 Advanced Projects

Using a project-based approach, learn to transform Figma designs to Tailwind CSS websites and understand the newest Tailwind CSS v.3.

What you’ll learn

Tailwind CSS : Build 2 Advanced Projects

  • The Tailwind CSS may be customized and configured.
  • Tailwind CSS allows you to create ultra-responsive designs (RWD).
  • Write production-ready code that is optimized and performant.
  • Use the Dark and Light modes to your advantage.
  • Duplication control and the creation of reusable styles
  • Using Tailwind CSS, you can turn your Figma design into a real website.


  • HTML and CSS fundamentals


Tailwind CSS is a highly adaptable CSS framework that you can use in your HTML directly. No more cumbersome CSS. It was built with customization in mind from the start.

In this course, I’ll study the newest Tailwind CSS in a project-based manner. Together, we’ll create two stunning, production-ready websites. We’ll go over the fundamentals as well as some more advanced ideas and approaches for achieving our goals. In these projects, we will not only look at typical designs (such as cards, buttons, and form inputs), but we will also look at how to create really outstanding designs.

When required, I will update this course on a regular basis.

What Have You Discovered?

  • Personalize and configure Tailwind CSS.
  • Use Tailwind CSS to create responsive designs (RWD).
  • Switch between the dark and light modes.
  • Managing redundancy and developing reusable styles
  • You won’t be restricted to the pre-defined styles; instead, you’ll learn how to develop and customize your own presets.
  • Recognize the functional differences between Tailwind CSS and other CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap.

Who this course is for:

  • For those who have never used Tailwind CSS before,
  • I already know Tailwind CSS for frontend and backend devs, but want to learn more and create projects.
  • Anyone interested in learning and using Tailwind CSS.

Tailwind CSS : Build 2 Advanced Projects

Tailwind CSS – Step by Step

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