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SQL with MySQL for Beginners & Non-Technical – Easy, Simple

SQL with MySQL for Beginners & Non-Technical - Easy, Simple
SQL with MySQL for Beginners & Non-Technical - Easy, Simple

SQL with MySQL for Beginners & Non-Technical – Easy, Simple

Step by Step SQL Course for Beginners – Simple, Easy and Quick way to learn SQL using MySQL Database

What Will I Learn?

SQL with MySQL for Beginners & Non-Technical – Easy, Simple

  • Learn fundamentals of Databases and SQL
  • Learn SQL commands required to learn SQL


  • Basic computer skills


Cut the unnecessary jargon and learn SQL with mySQL in a simple and easy way.Data is a critical part of any job these days. Having SQL skills will help you accomplish many of the data task that your job requires. Whether you are trying to add new skills to enhance your career or looking for a new job, this course will help you add a critical skill that many jobs and employers seek today. SQL skills help you succeed in a large number of careers that range from technical to business.

This course will teach you everything you need to start using SQL and practicing SQL.You don’t need hours of lectures to learn SQL, that’s exactly how I approached this course. I synthesized the information so that it is quick and easy to understand.

In this course I have simplified the process without getting into all the complex technical speak out so that anybody can learn SQL. This course is designed to make each step very easy to understand.  I used the same methods that I use to teach business analysts and marketing analysts in my own group.

The course should not take full day, you can learn during your work day and practice as you go.

This course uses mySQL but most of the commands can also be applied to SQL Server.

Note: This is a beginner level course. If you have prior knowledge of SQL than this course might serve as refresher but won’t teach you many advanced concepts.

Why you should learn from me?

I have been in Digital Marketing and Analytics for over 15 years. Have trained people from diverse backgrounds and have converted them into high performing Digital Marketers and Analysts.  I understand both the technology and marketing side of business.  Have dealt with many analytics technologies way before Google Tag manager existed and know the inner working of Digital Analytics.

In addition, I have developed various course and taught students from all over the world. I am online instructor for University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Washington (USA), Bellevue College (USA) and Digital Analytics Association.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for anybody who deals with data in their job and has no SQL background, this course will help them gain a valuable skills required to do their job.
  • New graduates who are trying to get a job. Data is an essential part of every job these days. This course will add a valuable skill to the resume.
  • Anybody who wants to learn the fundamentals of SQL.
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