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Portfolio Website using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript with Hosting

Portfolio Website using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript with Hosting
Portfolio Website using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript with Hosting

Portfolio Website using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript with Hosting

HTML, CSS, JavaScript – Create Personal Portfolio Website with Hosting using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

What you’ll learn

Portfolio Website using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript with Hosting

  • How to Build Modern Portfolio Website
  • Modern Techniques and Tricks
  • Modern HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Features
  • Advanced CSS and JavaScript Techniques
  • CSS3 Animations, Transforms, and Transitions
  • How to Create Modern Web Design Template


  • Text Editor
  • Modern Web Browser
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript



Welcome to the brand new course where you can learn about how to build a personal portfolio website from scratch with only three core technologies HTML, CSS, and JS.

If you want to create your own portfolio which will help you to represent yourself in the best way and get hired then this is the right course for you.

If you ask any of the employers or project managers how to choose the best developers everyone will answer that the most important thing about the developer is to represent himself or herself with a good portfolio.

Throughout this course, we will build a portfolio website template that will be full of modern and beautiful features and effects because if you want to create the website using just those three core technologies then it should be definitely an advanced and cool one.

If you are familiar with HTML, CSS, and JS then you already can create a really good personal portfolio website that will allow you to express yourself and show everyone your skills and knowledge.

We will build this project from absolute scratch, we won’t use any of the third-party tools I mean the libraries and frameworks, once we build the website then we will teach you how to host the project and make it live, in order to make it available for everyone and also you will be able to learn about how to make the formwork in order to get feedback from your guests.

We will make the project responsive to different screen sizes so that every user could access the website from any devices

I think this course will be interesting and helpful for everyone I mean starter or experienced developers.


Who this course is for:

  • Students who have some basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JS and want to build the portfolio website
  • Students who want to practice in three core technologies – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Who have the basic knowledge of Front End Web Development and want to develop their skills
  • Students who want to develop Web Design skills
  • Last updated 5/2021

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