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Master Class : NGINX WebServer and Custom Load Balancer

Master Class : NGINX WebServer and Custom Load Balancer 100% HandsO
Master Class : NGINX WebServer and Custom Load Balancer 100% HandsO

Master Class : NGINX WebServer and Custom Load Balancer

100% HandsOn Install & configure an NGINX WebServer Load Balancer from scratch, Live Labs for Beginners on NGINX

What you’ll learn

Master Class : NGINX WebServer and Custom Load Balancer

  • Learn to Create Custom NGINX web servers from Scratch.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of HTTP Protocol.
  • Configure Web Application Firewall.
  • Customize your Nginx install
  • Tune and Manage NGINX LoadBalancers


  • Be comfortable using the command line.
  • This course is designed from absolute scratch for beginners.
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer and Linux System.


*** Complete Update Just Launched! – NGINX 2020 – All Lessons Updated ***

NGINX is one of the top-grade HTTP Server which powers most of the top Enterprise websites like Netflix, Dropbox, WordPress, GitHub, Discovery, and many others.

This is one of the first courses which is specially designed for beginners who would like to master NGINX. NGINX is not just an HTTP Server but can also act as a Reverse Proxy, Load Balancer.

Mastering NGINX means having a solid foundation for HTTP Protocol. Thus this course initially focuses on HTTP Protocol and then we slowly move to NGNX and using NGNX in a High-Performance Enterprise Environment. All designed for beginners.

Build a strong foundation in NGINX with this practical course suited to both beginners and the more experienced.

  • Learn to customize the NGNX installation
  • Configure NGINX as a web server
  • Install & configure a server-side programming language as an NGNX backend
  • Learn to tweak NGNX for optimal performance
  • Secure NGNX with some security best practices

The course starts by looking at the differences between NGINX and Apache for those with Apache experience and then explains the different ways of installing NGINX, customizing your install, and configuring NGINX as a service.

The installation section also covers updating NGINX without the downtime and adding/removing modules.

The bulk of the course is then focussed on configuring NGINX as a web server, including connecting it to a PHP backend and configuring some of NGNX’s best features, such as Gzipping and GeoIP.

The final section will go over securing the server and the user via SSL and other security best practices.

Upon completion of this course, you will have the practical skills to immediately start building secure, high-performance web servers or improve and better understand existing hosting solutions you might work with.

We do not focus on the theory, but get straight to installing, configuring, and learning!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for students/professionals who would love to master NGINX
  • This course is aimed at Nginx newbies looking to get started as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • The course does not cover hosting/networking concepts, but rather assumes an understanding of the basic principles and use of commands such as curl.
  • Last updated 1/2021

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