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Make an E-commerce Website Using PHP and MySql

Make an E-commerce Website Using PHP and MySql
Make an E-commerce Website Using PHP and MySql

Make an E-commerce Website Using PHP and MySql

Using PHP and MySQL, build a brand-new e-commerce website.

What you’ll learn

Make an E-commerce Website Using PHP and MySql

  • The PHP environment setup
  • Creates folders and files in PHP.
  • developing the user interface.
  • Utilizing Bootstrap
  • Every page in the eCommerce shop is designed by myself.
  • Creating a responsive design
  • Creating a database
  • How to access the database’s goods
  • How to add items to the shopping cart
  • Learn how to take items out of the cart
  • How to Change the Size of a Product’s Quantity
  • How to order and pay for anything
  • How to include PayPal as a payment method
  • Learn how to enable PayPal payments for consumers
  • How to create an admin dashboard to manage orders and items
  • How to handle shipments and orders
  • Learn how to cancel a purchase
  • How to add merchandise to your business
  • How to change product details and pictures
  • a great deal more.


  • A Windows or Mac computer with an Internet connection
  • Decent PHP knowledge. (for instance, how to make PHP files)
  • have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS.


In this course, you will learn how to use PHP and MySQL to build an e-commerce website.

These days, operating a profitable company without an e-commerce website is all but impossible. If businesses don’t start implementing technology into their business plans, they will go out of business far sooner than they anticipate. So, if you know how to make an online store where customers can place orders, you can make a project that is useful and in demand, which could lead to a job as a PHP developer.

Using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, you will first learn how to design an entire e-commerce template over the course of more than 20 hours of video. After that, you’ll learn how to set up a PHP environment. The most crucial components of this project, such as adding items to a cart and allowing consumers to check out, will be covered in the final lesson. You will also learn how to create a full Admin Dashboard to run the company and how to incorporate the Paypal payment system. You’ll learn how to make the design user-friendly as well.

By the end of this course, you will have made a project using the PHP programming language that lets clients shop and buy goods online while you keep administrative control over the company and the website.

Why take this course?

This training is incredibly significant for a variety of reasons.

Instead of starting with a project that can’t be done, you will first build a web app that can be used.

Second, I’ll teach you practical skills rather than abstract ideas that you’ll eventually drop.

You’ll study Full-Stack development for three. You will learn how to use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and PHP so that you can make a complete e-commerce site.

Fourth, you’ll discover one of PHP’s most crucial capabilities. Because PHP is a web-based server-side programming language, it is well suited to the web and can function there.

Fifth, you’ll improve your programming abilities.

This course’s topics include:

  1. Create a project after installing the project environment. 2.
  2. Put the PHP project files to use.
  3. Create a project plan.
  4. Make a full HTML and CSS E-Commerce template.
  5. Using CSS and Bootstrap, create user-friendly designs.
  6. The justification for building a full-featured e-commerce website
  7. How to make it possible for consumers to add things to their carts.
  8. How to enable order placement and checkout for customers.
  9. the Paypal Payment System integration process.
  10. How to create a full administrative dashboard
  11. Database Management
  12. methods and best practices.
  13. Get your project in order. 16.
  14. a great deal more.

I hope your educational career is amazing.

Who this course is for:

  • PHP programmers
  • Web designers

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