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Machine Learning Basics Course – Learn To Code

Machine Learning Basics Course - Learn To Code

Machine Learning Basics Course – Learn To Code

What we all need to know about Machine Learning (ML)

What you’ll learn

Machine Learning Basics Course – Learn To Code

  • Understand what machine learning really is. Learn why it has become such a big deal – the background and context. See how machine learning can be implemented – the ways and means by which computers can be trained to perform vast and complex tasks without programming.


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They say we live in a world where machines are getting smarter and people dumber! While the jury’s still out on whether we are getting dumber, there is no doubt that machines are getting smarter. They are increasingly able to do things we always thought were too vast and complex for anyone but the smartest humans. Intelligence is no longer the exclusive domain of human beings.

Computers are increasingly outsmarting the world’s best professionals in areas as diverse as the most complex multiplayer games, the most difficult medical diagnoses and the most challenging legal problems, to name but three. At the heart of this revolution in ‘artificial intelligence’ lies machine learning. It’s changing every field, every day.

None of us are left untouched. It therefore essential for all of us to understand what machine learning is, why it is becoming so critical and fundamental, and how machines learn. This course takes you through all of this in a simple, easy to understand manner. So whether you plan to engage with machine learning professionally – as a technologist, data scientist or business professional; or whether you are just a layperson interested in understanding what the big deal is, this course is for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to understand machine learning better. Who Anyone looking for a career in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. Anyone needing to understand basic concepts around machine learning either for their own knowledge or to share with others.
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