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Learn SQL +Security(pen) testing from Scratch

Learn SQL +Security(pen) testing from Scratch Step by step Tutorial to learn SQL and Web Security testing with real-time examples
Learn SQL +Security(pen) testing from Scratch Step by step Tutorial to learn SQL and Web Security testing with real-time examples

Learn SQL +Security(pen) testing from Scratch

Step by step Tutorial to learn SQL and Web Security testing with real-time examples

Learn SQL +Security(pen) testing from Scratch

  • You will gain the ability to design any complex SQL to query a database- (SQL)
  • In-depth understanding of GROUP BY, Subqueries, aggregate functions, SQL Server functions, HAVING clauses -(SQL)
  • Understand the difference between the INNER JOIN, LEFT/RIGHT OUTER JOIN, and FULL OUTER JOIN- (SQL)
  • You will understand the Importance of Session Hijacking Mechanism and their confidential data use -(Security Testing)
  • You can investigate application behavior with Parameter Tampering and Brute force attacks-(Security Testing)
  • Create or interact with existing databases and test the Database for schema validations – (SQL)
  • You will get the knowledge of all basics with Http that might cause attacking malicious inputs-(Security Testing)
  • Detect Request forgery Designs if present any in Web applications –(Security Testing)
  • You can Clear any Interview on SQL with the Interview questions covered – (SQL)


  • ******You need NOT have any prior SQL/Security testing knowledge to start this course*********
  • Though these are online Lectures. You will have Life Time instructor support. You can contact me any time for your Queries, Will respond back within 12 hours
  • All Installation setup including Database basics is taken care of as part of the course
  • Theoretical Material, Code dump, and Interview Guide are available for download


SQL and Security Testing are Additional skills that every software engineer needs to have irrespective of their role in the Project. And this course fulfills the gap by teaching both these topics and also gives you an edge compared to other Engineers at your work. And of course, these are one of the common skills which are tested in every Software Engineer Interview.

  • What makes this course special for beginners?
    “No more Boring slides or Definitions. I will write every SQL query before you in the lecture and teach every topic needed to master in SQL with Practical examples
  • And also This Tutorial will give all the weapons you needed to investigate and unlock the Security Holes in the Web application with a powerful Penetration testing approach
  • Course lectures are conceptually driven with root-level explanations and bring you to the level where you can write any kind of SQL query and detect any kind of security bugs in the application

This course covers :


Introduction to SQL — MySQLOverview — Start up commands to Setup Database and tablets — Database testing to validate Schema — Altering Table Schema operations — Queries to retrieve Data Logical operators on Queries — Wild cards usage in Queries — SQL Functions with real-time scenarios — Importance of Group By in SQL — Advanced SQL Concepts — SubQueries syntax and usage — SQL Joins usage and its advantages — Importance of views in Database — SQL String functions  — Dataconstraints with DataBase Testing perspective — Practise Exercises for Interviews with Solutions — SQL glossary on discussed topics

Security Testing :

Course Contents: Basics of Security Testing Terminologies involved in Security Domain Top OWASP principles Cross-site Scripting Xss examples Cookies Importance Danger with stealing of cookies Session Hijacking Cross-site forgery Attacks Parameter Tampering Methods to Intercept requests Account Management Password security guidelines Brute force mechanism Importance of Client-side validations

Who this course is for:

  • Any IT professional no matter in what field they are into
  • QA Testers who want to enhance their skill in Database Testing and Security testing
  • Freshers/Graduates who want to learn computer science foundations
  • Last updated 8/2021

SQL Complete Course With MySQL & Python Course

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