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Learn Shopify Liquid Programming with Shopify Development

Learn Shopify Liquid Programming with Shopify Development
Learn Shopify Liquid Programming with Shopify Development

Learn Shopify Liquid Programming with Shopify Development

Once you know the basics of Liquid template scripting, you can start making changes to your Shopify themes.

What you’ll learn

Learn Shopify Liquid Programming with Shopify Development

  • Learn to develop liquid programs using Shopify’s liquid programming language (Objects, Tags, and Filters).
  • Recognize and familiarise yourself with the many liquid items that you may use to show in the Shopify shop.
  • To manage the flow of your Shopify shop, have a thorough grasp of liquid tags. Learn how to build conditions and loops with Liquid Tags.
  • Learn how to alter an output or object with filters.
  • Learn how to get extremely precise data from a Shopify shop using Liquid’s handles.


  • You must know how to program or at least understand how variables, conditions, loops, and iterations work.
  • You should at least be familiar with Shopify, particularly the admin section.


Do you wish to learn Liquid programming so you can modify or comprehend the Shopify theme’s codes? In that case, you’ve found the proper site!

The Shopify Liquid Programming course is glad to have you. My objective in this course is to better your understanding of liquids, including what they are, what they do, and how to utilize them.

Learning Liquid may be quite beneficial if you are a Shopify business owner and want to know how a Shopify store functions.

Why Take This Course?

One of the greatest errors customers make is haphazardly altering their Shopify theme. Instead of knowing the code that they copied and pasted, people often Google the features they want, then copy them from someone else and paste them into their Shopify site. They don’t comprehend the objects, tags, and filters, which might be a problem.

I’m here to prevent you from making that error.

Earlier Than This Course

What should you know before enrolling in this course, then? It is strongly recommended that you be familiar with Shopify in order to get the most from this training. I’m saying that you need to be familiar with Shopify’s admin, settings, and storefront.

Then, you must understand at least the fundamentals of programming (like the operators or data types). But I’ll try my best to explain everything in each session so you can comprehend the code even if you don’t know much about programming. Additionally, I’ll provide resources (such as PDFs or articles) that are connected to each session so you may utilize them to learn more about Liquid.

Posting questions in the Q & A area is another option. Therefore, you may ask inquiries in the Q & A section. This course will also have quizzes or questionnaires so you can see how well you know how to use Liquid.

Are you prepared to learn liquid now? If so, come with me; I’ll see you over there.

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers and anyone interested in learning more about Shopify Liquid.
  • Those who are interested in learning how Shopify shop pages are rendered or presented

Learn Shopify Liquid Programming with Shopify Development

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