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Learn how to invest in real estate in real life

Learn how to invest in real estate in real life
Learn how to invest in real estate in real life

Learn how to invest in real estate in real life

A Direct, Honest, and Useful Approach to Real Estate Education

What you’ll learn

Learn how to invest in real estate in real life

  • from a person who has accomplished it.
  • How it is to own and manage more than 15 rental properties in real life as a landlord
  • Guidelines for Increasing Profits and Expanding Your Real Estate Investing Business.
  • A Simple Plan and Approach to Developing Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio
  • The Truth Behind the Curtain of Real Estate Investing busts the myths that have been talked about in books, blogs, and infomercials.


  • This course is designed for both individuals who are just starting out and want to discover what works as well as those who are more experienced and want to learn how to advance.
  • a positive outlook and the willingness to put in the effort required to create riches for themselves and their families.


I rented 15 rental apartments over ten years where I resided. There are no tricks or sales tactics. These are simply actual experiences with purchasing, leasing, and renting out rental houses.

No dry, formulaic list from a textbook. Only practical, easy-to-implement techniques for launching or growing your real estate investing company. A clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t is essential.

What more about me, other than my own real estate investment expertise, makes me qualified to serve as your guide? Yes, as a real estate agent, I have assisted people in buying and selling homes, but I am not a formal researcher with real estate textbook training. In fact, I’m not even a licensed life coach! I have experience in all facets of real estate, having tried, succeeded, and failed in each. This is for individuals who have been hesitant to begin out of fear or uncertainty. This is for everyone who has begun, halted, or reached a dead end. Wherever you may be in your real estate investment journey, I want to provide you with access to the widest possible range of ideas. The course will be increasingly complex and in-depth as you go through it. Everyone can find something here.

Who this course is for:

  • Real Estate Investors Are Tired of Dry Textbook Courses
  • Owners of rental properties who are curious about the reality
  • Owners of Rental Property Who Want to Avoid Errors and Boost Profits
  • Business People Who Want to Be Their Boss
  • People Who Want to Own Small Businesses
  • People Seeking Financial Freedom Who Want to Create Generational Wealth

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