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Learn How to Code With Football

Learn How to Code With Football
Learn How to Code With Football

Learn How to Code With Football

Learn Windows Forms, PowerShell, APIs, and Basic Programming with Football!

What you’ll learn

Learn How to Code With Football

  • Basic programming abilities and knowledge
  • Scripting in PowerShell
  • Data Manipulation From API Calls
  • Using Windows Forms to Create Graphical Applications


  • No prior programming knowledge is necessary.


It’s possible to have more fun than you think while learning to code! Join Coach Jim Tyler as he dives in to teach you how to create amazing applications using PowerShell and fantasy football data.

After learning the fundamentals of coding, such as variables, objects, arrays, conditionals, and loops, we’ll go into creating graphical apps using Windows Forms and fantastical data APIs.

To create our apps and scripts, we will also utilize development tools from IronMan Software, including PowerShell ISE, Visual Studio Code, and PowerShell Pro Tools. Because of this, you will learn the skills you need to work as a system administrator or software developer.

PowerShell is a great programming language and console for new users because it comes with Windows.

Coach Jim went to considerable pains to make sure you could finish the whole course without having to buy any extra software or services. Every Windows machine comes with PowerShell and PowerShell ISE by default. Microsoft offers Visual Studio Code without cost. The API for FantasyData is free to use in development mode. Finally, a free trial of PowerShell ProTools is available and allows users to create graphical PowerShell applications.

Finally, Coach Jim offers a ton of code samples that can be downloaded and are part of the platform here on Udemy. As they go through the course, students may use these code samples to debug their own code.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner programmers are interested in both football and programming.
  • System administrators and IT professionals interested in learning more about PowerShell


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