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Learn How to Build an API Using Python and FastAPI

Learn How to Build an API Using Python and FastAPI
Learn How to Build an API Using Python and FastAPI

Learn How to Build an API Using Python and FastAPI

To create an API from scratch using Python and FastAPI

What you’ll learn

Learn How to Build an API Using Python and FastAPI

  • Create the Movies API using FastAPI from scratch.
  • Python Work Environment installation.
  • Establish endpoints to control movies.
  • CRUD endpoints with various characteristics should be created.
  • Establish GET endpoints.
  • Establish POST endpoints.
  • Create endpoints for DELETE.
  • Obtain a MySQL database connection.
  • Utilize FastAPI to manage MySQL movies.


  • Access to the internet.
  • PC running Windows or Mac.


In this course, you’ll learn how to use Python FastAPI to build a full movie API from scratch that can create, get, update, and delete movies from the database. Never before has the procedure been simpler. I’ll walk you through every step of setting up Python and FastAPI, right through to creating an API in Python FastAPI.

The Movies API is developed using Python FastAPI:

An application programming interface is what an API is. One of the top frameworks for creating APIs is FastAPI. An API’s construction may be fairly difficult. However, you’ll be astounded by how simple it is to use FastAPI. Additionally, an API is a crucial component of sophisticated online applications. You’ll be on the right path to a successful career in back-end web development if you learn how to create one. The beauty of what front-end developers can create tends to overshadow the importance of the back-end of web development. You must keep in mind, however, that without the web’s back end, the whole procedure would be useless and possibly fail!

Finally, understanding how to construct APIs with FastAPI can help you get your foot in the door with any prospective job, and many businesses and start-ups will want to recruit you.

Some of the things you will study in the Python FastAPI: Build Movies API course are:

  1. How to set up a new project and download Python
  2. How to build a database for movies
  3. Make your database movie table by designing it.
  4. Quickly populate your tables with information.
  5. RESTful APIs from FastAPI.
  6. methods for adding movies to the database.
  7. How to get a film using ID.
  8. How to order a film by title
  9. How to access every movie in your database.
  10. Update information on a certain movie.
  11. Remove a movie from your database.
  12. “And a whole lot more!”


At the end of the course, the source code for this course can be downloaded, used, and even built upon.

Who this course is for:

  • developers of Python.


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