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Learn Booking Techniques for Commercial Voiceovers from a Pro

Learn Booking Techniques for Commercial Voiceovers from a Pro
Learn Booking Techniques for Commercial Voiceovers from a Pro

Learn Booking Techniques for Commercial Voiceovers from a Pro

Discover everything you need to succeed as a commercial voiceover actor!

What you’ll learn

Learn Booking Techniques for Commercial Voiceovers from a Pro

  • The Path to Professional Voice Over Artistry
  • How to Construct a Home Recording Booth
  • How to Record Voiceovers for Bookings and Auditions in GarageBand
  • Even if you haven’t landed a professional voiceover gig yet, here’s how to construct your own voiceover reel!
  • Learn about the purposes and categories of the ads you may see throughout the audition process.
  • How to conduct yourself professionally, whether recording at home or in a studio for commercial voiceover clients.
  • How to choose a representative and how to advocate for oneself


  • The voice! Everything else is recommended for this course, but you may get the necessary equipment later on if you want to.
  • There is a whole area of exercises where the emphasis is on GarageBand and recording, and you will need a computer. I use an Apple
  • MacBook Pro with the application GarageBand.
  • You’ll need headphones.
  • If your mobile phone has voice recording capabilities, you can use it as your microphone, but you will ultimately need to make an investment in a professional microphone for voice-over work.


The skills necessary to become a successful voice-over artist will be taught to the students. You’ll learn how to prepare for voiceover auditions and analyze scripts, as well as how to build your own DIY home recording booth, create online profiles for voiceover submission websites, understand how commercial voiceover recording sessions work and the terms you’ll need to know in the booth, create your own professional voiceover reel, and find representation.

To succeed as a voiceover actor and maintain a high level of professionalism, you need more than simply “a wonderful voice.” You must get instruction and have a grasp of the nature of the company. However, it needn’t be as difficult as it first seems! As a seasoned professional in the field, I want to show you how to break into the market and take control of your voice-over career. If you have representation, you can put yourself out there and hit the streets, or work from home if you’d like.

You will leave this course with the knowledge that you, and anybody else who invests the time in mastering these abilities, can succeed as a voiceover actor and earn a career from voiceover work! Your profitable voiceover business’s start is right now.

I really hope you love this course as much as I did!

You can do this.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to learn more about voice-over job
  • Skill levels, from novice to expert


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