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Learn about Vampire Facials (Platelet Rich Plasma) | Complete Course

Learn about Vampire Facials (Platelet Rich Plasma) | Complete Course
Learn about Vampire Facials (Platelet Rich Plasma) | Complete Course

Learn about Vampire Facials (Platelet Rich Plasma) | Complete Course

involving expertise in processing blood, and phlebotomy.

What you’ll learn

Learn about Vampire Facials (Platelet Rich Plasma) | Complete Course

  • to become professional practitioners who are secure, competent, independent, and reflective.
  • Learn how to have a thorough meeting, look for potential problems, and keep expectations in check.
  • To retain optimal effects, combine this with other facial and skin-care procedures in a cyclical treatment regimen.
  • Learn how to do phlebotomy and how to process blood according to national requirements for the workplace, clinical waste, health, safety, and infection control.
  • Learn how to do micro-needling using fibrin-rich plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and platelet-poor plasma.


  • This course is intended for beauty therapists and aestheticians who are currently employed in the industry and wish to increase their scope of practice and earning potential.
  • Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who want to learn more about this area may find it useful as well.


The applicant will gain the skills necessary to practice vampire facials in a way that is secure, capable, reflective, responsible, and independent. With the aid of this cutting-edge facial and skin care treatment, the skin’s natural regeneration processes are sped up, producing younger-looking, tighter skin that is excellent in terms of tone and texture.

Famous personalities like Kim Kardashian helped this therapy become extremely well known. Kimberly Maguire Paltrow, Gwyneth Rafaeli, and Rupert Everett. You may now provide it to your customers.

The training implies a certain degree of prior knowledge and proficiency in aesthetics, health, and attractiveness. Before you decide to practice professionally, make certain that you can legally provide this service to your customers in your area. It also includes lectures on health, safety, hygiene, infection control, applied anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, phlebotomy skills, blood processing skills, and micro-needling.

He presented 20 lectures with PDFs that were downloaded.

Introduction and syllabus for Lecture 1.

2. History of phlebotomy and professional lecture

Continuing Education, Third Lecture

Lecture 4: Blood and the Cardiovascular System: Applied Anatomy and Physiology

Lecture 5: Supplies and equipment for phlebotomy.

Phlebotomy practice for PRP in lecture 6

What is aesthetic micro-needling? Lecture 7.

Eighth lesson: The Background of Microneedling

Lecture 9. Use and application guidelines for aesthetic problems that may be treated.

Combining cosmetic micro-needling with other skin-care techniques and products

Lecture 11: A checklist for the microneedling process

In lecture 12, there will be a demonstration of first aid for sharps injuries.

Lecture 13. A complete clinical practice for micro-needling, including hygiene and infection prevention.

Consultation and contraindications in Lecture 14.

Lecture 15: Different equipment settings for speed and depth

Pathophysiology of Wound Healing, Lecture 16.

Using stem cells and metal wound healing expertise

Lecture on collagen and collagenases.

Lecture 19: Aftercare and negative effects

Lesson 20: Applying PPP and PRP with a derma roller

Who this course is for:

  • This advanced course is designed for licensed medical professionals, aestheticians, and beauty therapists who wish to broaden their areas of practice and earn more money.

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