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JavaScript for beginners with Javascript Exercises Course For Free

JavaScript for beginners with Javascript Exercises Course For Free Javascript Beginners Course: Learn Javascript beginners Course. Beginners JS skills

JavaScript for beginners with Javascript Exercises Course For Free

Javascript Beginners Course: Learn Javascript beginners Course. Beginners JS skills with Javascript Exercises

What you’ll learn

JavaScript for beginners with Javascript Exercises Course For Free

  • In just one day, the student will begin to write his own javascript code
  • Solve javascript exercises provided at the end and more difficult problems
  • Write Simple JavaScript Code with the understanding of bases
  • Understand Concepts of Variables, Operators, Expressions, Functions, and Conditionals in JavaScript
  • Start using JS code with HTML and CSS
  • Solve simple JavaScript problems
  • Modifying HTML with JS
  • Create and Manipulate Objects in JavaScript
  • Create Algorithms in JavaScript
  • Build Simple Web Applications with JavaScript
  • Write programs in console
  • Create strings, booleans, and numbers
  • Write expressions with basic arithmetic operations
  • Learn the logic of conditionals
  • Create arrays, access arrays
  • Create interconnected functions
  • Output values of the array using indexes
  • Create nested loops
  • Build a simple calculator
  • Use the Object Date
  • Learn how to Use the Object Math
  • Use logical operators
  • Learn how to convert strings into numbers
  • Use alert(), prompt() and confirm() functions
  • Write both whiles and do-while loop
  • Use of switch
  • Break and continue the loop
  • Write recursion functions, learn to write a Fibonacci function
  • Use functions together with objects
  • Create Objects in C++


  • No previous or 0 coding experience! This course is for beginners!
  • PC, Keyboard, Mouse, Screen (required)
  • The cup of Coffee and Desire to Learn (required)


    Learn writing JavaScript code for your HTML and CSS. This is a base of what a javascript web developer should know about JavaScript25 bite-sized lessons in HD and Full Life access! The lessons break down into learnable chunks. Also, there are 50+ quiz questions on javascript language and 5 coding exercises to ensure that you will remember the material covered. But don’t worry, in case you are stuck somewhere.

I have also provided Hints for solving code problems.

The first part is designed to introduce you to the JS code and you will write your first programs in the console of the web browser. Later we will also use HTML and CSS. We will begin from absolute zero, so you have really nothing to worry about. Next, you will learn about connecting JS to your webpage and we will discuss essential details of JS language. After this, we will start discovering loops, conditionals, functions, and objectsI wish you the best of luck with JS! Javascript Exercises Course For Free

Here are some reasons why students choose this course on javascript for beginners:

  1. It’s easy to understand for beginners
  2. Each lesson is kept short and simple
  3. Each chunk is also kept short and simple
  4. All lesson on this javascript for beginners course is in the great quality of sound and video
  5. It’s a course on javascript for complete beginners and front end
  6. It provides awesome practice to revise what you know
  7. It is good for people with experience in javascript as well and not only for beginners because it involves a lot of practice
  8. There are 25 practice quizzes on javascript for beginners and they are after each lesson.
  9. There are 5 exercises for beginners in javascript
  10. In case you are stuck, the instructor is ready to help you
  11. Problems are provided together with hints on how to solve them
  12. You begin by writing simple scripts in the console
  13. How to connect javascript to HTML
  14. You build a simple calculator with just front end
  15. In this short time, you study everything from 0 to objects and functions
  16. You write a Fibonacci function
  17. It takes you only half of a day to finish
  18. In the end, you receive a certificate
  19. Get practice of javascript with HTML and CSS
  20. Make the first steps to becoming a Javascript Web Developer!

Here is what some of the students say:

  • Elvir Logic: “excellent course…with the very good teacher
  • Dmitry Anderson: “Thank you for this excellent course!..

Singing up now and you will get:

  1. Quick videos to learn javascript for beginners
  2. The HD quality of the video
  3. Good quality of sound
  4. Additional Homework at the end (optional)
  5. Quick quizzes that will help you learn
  6. Coding exercises that will help you practice your code writing skills
  7. Hints for the exercises in case you are stuck
  8. Life-time access to all the materials
  9. Certificate of completion

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Programmers
  • Beginner Web Developers
  • People interested in tech
  • People interested in internet
  • Participants of Coding Challenges
  • Students of Computer Science or related
  • Students of Computer Engineering or related
  • Content Form:
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