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IP Addressing and Subnetting – The Easy Way !

IP Addressing and Subnetting - The Easy Way !
IP Addressing and Subnetting - The Easy Way !

IP Addressing and Subnetting – The Easy Way!

Learn Directly from an Engineer

What you’ll learn

IP Addressing and Subnetting – The Easy Way!

  • Learn Ip addressing & Subnetting is the easiest way!


  • Network Fundamentals


This course is taught using real-world examples and a Blackboard with Color Pens. This class will not use slides to teach, it is a very interactive class with actual examples and ways to implement them. You will actually see how to implement IP addresses and subnets.

Ip addressing

Ip address, also known as internet protocol addressing, is the way that a computer is located on the internet. It is a system of numbers used to identify a device on a network. This is what is used to tell the computer where to send the information it is sending or receiving from the internet.

Class A allows a network of 16,777,216 host devices.

Class B allows a network of 65,536 host devices.

The Class C permits only 254 host devices.

How do we calculate IP addressing?

IPv4 is the addressing scheme we use today. It’s the one that most of us learned in school. You probably know that an IP address is made up of four numbers between 0 and 255. But how do we calculate those numbers? It all starts with a 32-bit number created by the combination of a network address and a host address.

Why ISP provides an Ip address?

Imagine you are an internet service provider (ISP) like Verizon or AT&T, and you offer internet access to your customers. You need a way to track the internet traffic that goes in and out of your network so that you can bill your customers for their internet usage. You also want to make sure that your customers are only able to access the internet resources that you approve. This means you need to have some sort of system for managing the IP addresses (a unique number that is assigned to each device on a network and used for routing information) that are being used by your customers.

What is a subnet?

A subnet is a particular logical division of an IP address space. The IP address space is made up of private and public addresses, with the private addresses being used on private intranets and the public addresses being used for the Internet. The subnet mask defines which part of an IP address is used for the network address and which part is used for the host address. The remaining parts of the IP address are used for defining the subnet.

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  • Last updated 5/2021

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