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Internet of Things (Arduino, Php Html Mysql IOT) – Learn To Code

Internet of Things (Arduino, Php Html Mysql IOT) - Learn To Code

Internet of Things (Arduino, Php Html Mysql IOT) – Learn To Code

internet of things and automation with fully open-source structure.

What you’ll learn

Internet of Things (Arduino, Php Html Mysql IOT) – Learn To Code



  • Computer Skills, Electrical Skills


Summary Description: Training of turning on and off an electrical device remotely with Arduino, Php, Html, MySQL. With the information obtained, home, business, building automation can be done very cheaply.

Detailed Description: With this tutorial Arduino, PHP, HTML, MySQL, Embedded Systems, IoT | The internet of the objects will be explained as a basic prototype.

With the logic of the internet of things with the web panel of electrical devices from all over the world

How to automation personal home, work or building using Arduino card,

Learn How the Arduino will behave in cases where it cannot access the internet or software, and how to automatically close the contact,

How to prepare the control panel with the encrypted login screen,

Adding components from codes to design and development card,

Remotely controllable devices.

Refrigerator, air conditioner, lamp, rolling shutter systems, feeding machine, socket, contact, irrigation, etc. products

Access to the database and communication with Arduino are explained.

The database used for Arduino is Mysql.

How to insert, update, delete, select over Arduino for MySQL.

After taking the course, you can ask me questions from the question and answer section.

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With 2.5mm2 cable described in the prototype, it can carry current up to 20 Ampere for Turkish standard. (For applications that require higher current, use a cable of other thickness.)

Who this course is for:

  • Home or business automation, Arduino developers
  • Database access with Arduino, PHP, HTML
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