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Graphic Design Workshop For Beginners. Free Design Elements

Graphic Design Workshop For Beginners. Free Design Elements
Graphic Design Workshop For Beginners. Free Design Elements

Graphic Design Workshop For Beginners. Free Design Elements

Learn By Doing Projects In Photoshop & Illustrator. Packaging & Logo Design. Font Psychology & Composition Theory.

What you’ll learn

Graphic Design Workshop For Beginners. Free Design Elements

  • Created stunning photorealistic product packaging for a cereal box and a healthy snack-bar label. Apply this knowledge to creating your own packaging designs.
  • Communicate better among teams or even at an interview as you are introduced to insightful theories in design based on font psychology, history and consumer behaviour.

  • Develop your creativity with my practical workshop method of teaching. You learn a vast array of tools & techniques in Photoshop & Illustrator, working side-by-side with me.

  • Learn techniques to design a distressed texture. Apply this to create a weathered styled logo.
  • The roles and demands of a graphic designer in the competitive business & entrepreneurial startup world.
  • Have knowledge of graphic design from updated research & statistical experiments to understand how to design for a target market.
  • Able to develop into an intelligent designer who understands how to apply theory in design to combine art, creativity, reasoning & logic to make marketable designs.
  • Have a more mature grasp of graphic design in the present world instead of just knowing how to make brochures and business cards without any appreciation of ‘what is graphic design’ – too old school.


  • No previous graphic design or drawing skills needed.
  • No previous Photoshop or Illustrator knowledge required.
  • Passion 🙂


Ideal for graphic designers who lack experience in the competitive advertising & retail world. Also perfect for entrepreneurs at startups or if you dream of having your own product one day.

NOTE: If you have any problems during the course, please message me and I will be happy to help. Also I want my students to have   maximum benefits from this course, so if there is anything you will like improved, be sure to message me.

  • Design theories are taught using my original concepts which are hard to find in online courses.
    • Logo Design
    • Package & Label Design
    • Font Psychology
    • Consumer Psychology.
    • Design in History. Learn How To Be Inspired. (Go To Lesson: Developing Your Own Style).
      • Get introduced to the artistic and architectural philosophy of Constructivism.  Learn how modern award winning posters were inspired by Historical Russian Political Propaganda from 1920.
  • Graphic Design Workshop For Beginners. Free Design Elements Course

    • Composition. Rule of Thirds.
    • The 6 Design Dimensions of Fonts
      • Helping you to know ‘how to choose relevant fonts for your design’.
    • Impressions & Emotional Responses Caused By Fonts
  • Develop practical software skills in Photoshop & Illustrator and create impressive projects with my easy to follow, very detailed tutorials. Even if you are a beginner, you will become comfortable using the software interfaces, learn the tools and techniques to create designs.
  • Learning to use Photoshop & Illustrator alone does not make you a graphic designer. Being able to design some business cards & brochure layouts would have been helpful ten years ago. This course teaches you the software skills and dives deeper into evolving your mind into a more sophisticated, open & creative thinker
    Growing your mind to understand how to ‘make your design talk’ to the relevant audience is key to being a graphic designer instead of ‘someone who can make something pretty in photoshop’.
  • Appreciate that a good graphic designer needs to be knowledgable of ‘who’ they are designing for.  Theoretical knowledge includes communication skills between graphic designer and client, between employer and team. Use theories in font selection, composition, colour theory, consumer psychology, marketing and design in history to develop mature artistic judgement, imaginationbecome self-driven to be able to motivate your team.
  • Graphic Design Workshop For Beginners. Free Design Elements Course

****FREE *****All Material Resources Needed To Complete The Projects Are Given In This Course. ****FREE *****

  • Retail Product Design.Practical Project: Cereal Box

    Theory: Typography & Marketing Psychology. How To Choose A Font For Your Target Audience.

    Several Photoshop techniques will be taught. You will design together with me, step by step at an easy to follow pace. This practical project teaches you how to set up your new file for printing, save your work, source fonts, how to download and install a new font, work with images, layers, source royalty-free images, use the eraser tool, quick select tool, remove a background from an image, text tool and create a layout using guidelines.

  • Packaging/Label Design.Practical Project: Health Snack bar.

    Theory: Composition & Rule of Thirds.

    Compose a grid layout to help you know ‘what goes where’.

    Photoshop skills will be developed as you practice using tools to create this impressive design. Learn how to choose relevant images for your design. Tools taught include the pen tool, character panel, colour swatches panel & transform editing.

  • Logo Design.Project: You will design a trendy badge-style logo for a gym using Adobe Illustrator.

    Theory: How To Choose A Font & Colour Theory.

    range of Illustrator tools will be taught in this lesson that can be applied to other projects. Learn to work with layers in illustrator, use the stroke, swatches, align and pathfinder panels. Also, practice using the Direct Selection Tool, Text, Eye-Dropper, Effects & Objects Panel.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone applying for jobs in the graphics field. The theory taught in this course can show off your knowledge and ace interviews.
  • A graphic designer or marketing employee at a start-up. Your role will hover over several tasks, leaving you to sometimes do the job of 3 persons: graphics, marketing, branding.
  • Anyone applying for Marketing & Advertising jobs and want to have a creative advantage.
  • This course is for anyone interested in graphic design or have a passion for stunning labels & packaging.
  • If you own a start-up or small business, you can benefit from the theories taught in this course as you learn how design influences consumer psychology.
  • If you lack work experience in marketing, branding or graphic design, you can compensate with the added theory to gain respect with a mature grasp on graphic design.
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  • The Business Graphic Design with Photoshop & Illustrator

Graphic Design Workshop For Beginners. Free Design Elements

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