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Google Cloud Platform Overview for AWS Professionals

Google Cloud Platform Overview for AWS Professionals
Google ClouGoogle Cloud Platform Overview for AWS Professionalsd Platform Overview for AWS Professionals

Google Cloud Platform Overview for AWS Professionals

Get to Know Google Cloud. If your an AWS Professional than this course could be for you!

What you’ll learn

Google Cloud Platform Overview for AWS Professionals

  • Comparing Google Cloud Platform Services to Amazon Web Services in a format that the average pre sales or cloud engineer should grasp
  • Understand how GCP competes with AWS in a manner that provide sufficient demos for review

  • You will understand how to provision major resources such as VMS, Storage and Networking in GCP

  • Learn the powerful capabilities of the GCP Platform and how some services provide superior performance, security and flexibility


  • Access to a Google Cloud Platform account such as a free tier
  • Prior AWS experience (6 months) would be very helpful
  • Basic Cloud Computing knowledge is required
  • Access to GCP Codelabs would be helpful


Why Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is growing in demand and the requirements for cloud professionals proficient in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has never been better.  If your an AWS professional then joining this course will help enable your proficiency quickly.

“According to Global Knowledge’s Salary Survey for 2018 a GCP Cloud Architect had the highest salary at $139,529”. Getting Google Cloud Certified or even just learning more can add value to your career earnings

What the course is covering?

This course is meant for IT professionals that are knowledgeable in AWS and are looking to get a quick ramp up in comparing Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services at a functional level. This course covers major services. The course includes a 300 page course download that includes presentations. The course has demos to help get details of similarities, differences, and initial how-tos quickly.

The Major Services covered are:

1) Networking

2) Storage

3) Data Services

4) Management

5) DevOps

6) Management

7) Infrastructure as Code

The course has been positioned to provide a significant amount of demos with numerous charts and comparisons to how AWS does things vs how GCP approaches services.

We will cover features, functions and also even cover GCP Enterprise positioning.

So if your a customer facing technical sales expert focused on driving revenue then this course will help enable you get started talking talking about Google Cloud . The course would also be helpful to sales executives, Technical Account Managers and IT Managers as well as cloud administrators.

As a bonus there are modules provided for additional resources and discussions around Google Cloud Certifications.

Who this course is for:

Google Cloud Platform Overview for AWS Professionals

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