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Fundamentals of Oracle PL/SQL with a Case Study (OCI)

Fundamentals of Oracle PL/SQL with a Case Study (OCI)
Fundamentals of Oracle PL/SQL with a Case Study (OCI)

Fundamentals of Oracle PL/SQL with a Case Study (OCI)

Learn how Oracle Cloud Autonomous DB can help you learn Oracle PL/SQL (OCI). -in case of study to make it easier to understand.

What you’ll learn

Fundamentals of Oracle PL/SQL with a Case Study (OCI)

  • Oracle programming in PL/SQL
  • Setting up an Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database (OCI) with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Using the SQL Developer client to connect to an autonomous database in the cloud.
  • Through case studies, you can learn more about PL/SQL.


  • Oracle SQL statements should be easy to understand.
  • SQL Access to Oracle Database OR Request/Provision Autonomy On the OCI free tier, you can use the Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database.


The big question is whether or not SQL and PLSQL are still useful and whether or not you should learn them. Yes, that’s the answer.

SQL and PL/SQL have become the standard languages for accessing data in a lot of different fields. You can find that in the database.

This means that SQL and PL/SQL are no longer only used by developers but also by people in many other technical fields who need to store, manipulate, and access large amounts of data and analyze it using the “slice and dice” method to get useful business information that will give the business an edge in the market.

SQL and PL/SQL won’t go away because of this. Its popularity hasn’t changed much, and if you put it next to a NoSQL database, it’s still much bigger.

The good thing about PLSQL is

With PL/SQL, you can send a block of statements to the database all at once. This cuts down on network traffic and gives applications high performance.

Programmers can get a lot done with PL/SQL because it can query, change, and update data in a database.

Applications made with PL/SQL can be used anywhere.

This course will teach you how to set up the latest Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database 19c, which is available on

You can use it to learn SQL and PL/SQL, which are not covered in-depth in this course (which is).

Who this course is for:

  • Looking for a job as an Oracle PLSQL IT, engineering, and management student?
  • Anyone who knows SQL and wants to learn PLSQL

Fundamentals of Oracle PL/SQL with a Case Study (OCI)

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