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Develop and Test GraphQL Server with GraphQL .NET & ASP .NET

Develop and Test GraphQL Server with GraphQL .NET & ASP .NET
Develop and Test GraphQL Server with GraphQL .NET & ASP .NET

Develop and Test GraphQL Server with GraphQL .NET & ASP .NET

Starting with the fundamentals of GraphQL and utilizing GraphQL NET

What you’ll learn

Develop and Test GraphQL Server with GraphQL .NET & ASP .NET

  • Basic GraphQL
  • Basic GraphQL.NET Server
  • Testing GraphQL with GraphQL Client
  • Basic GraphQL Queries


  • The fundamentals of ASP.NET
  • Entity Framework Fundamentals
  • The fundamentals of WebAPIs


This course, Develop and Test GraphQL Server with GraphQL.NET & ASP.NET, is designed to help anyone with no prior knowledge of GraphQL understand the nitty-gritty details of developing GraphQL Server with GraphQL.NET and testing it with GraphQLClient.NET and WebApplicationFactory for integration testing.

We will also test the application using XUnit as a testing library and the GraphQL Client as part of this course.

For the sake of clarity, this course has been divided into the following sections.

GraphQL Fundamentals

  1. Query Interpretation
  2. Parameters: An Introduction
  3. Comprehending Arguments
  4. Understanding the Name of the Operation
  5. Identifying Aliases
  6. Getting to Know Schema
  7. Getting to Know Mutations
  8. Fragments: An Introduction

Using Entity Framework as an ORM in an ASP.NET WebAPI project

  1. Creating a WebAPI project from the ground up
  2. The Entity Framework is being added.
  3. Data layer and controllers are being added.
  4. Pattern for Creating Repository
  5. Pattern for controllers to access data from a repository

Creating a GraphQL Server that can support

  1. Making a Query
  2. Schema creation
  3. QueryTypes Creation
  4. InputQueryTypes Creation (for mutation)
  5. There is now support for nested Query.
  6. Mutations’ Support

GraphQL Client is used to testing GraphQL.

  1. Using XUnit for testing
  2. HttpClient isn’t required for unit testing.
  3. Using TestServer and WebApplicationFactory for integration testing

At the end of the course, you’ll know how to work with GraphQL using GraphQL.NET, as well as how to use WebApplicationFactory to perform Unit and Integration testing and reduce the footprint of running the entire server by only running the test server to test the entire application in just a few lines of code.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers
  • QA
  • Automation Test Engineers

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