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Dependency Injection for Java Developers

Dependency Injection for Java Developers
Dependency Injection for Java Developers

Dependency Injection for Java Developers

Your most comprehensive guide to modern dependency injection on the Java EE platform with CDI 2.0

What you’ll learn

Dependency Injection for Java Developers

  • Master how to build maintainable software applications with industry-standard Java EE
  • Master how to build loosely coupled, highly testable software components on Java EE
  • The individual components of Contexts and Dependency Injection API
  • Master dependency injection in Java
  • Learn to write event-based reactive software in Java


  • Basic knowledge of Java or any other strongly typed JVM language like Kotlin
  • A Java IDE- preferably NetBeans or IntelliJ
  • Java 8 installed
  • Apache Maven
  • Git SCM


Are you a software developer? If not, are you aspiring to be one? If you answered yes, then I have good news for you!
Dependency Injection is the cornerstone of good, decoupled software engineering principles. And this course is your ultimate guide to the latest Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI 2.0) standard on the Java Platform.

You will learn how the Java dependency injection framework – CDI – helps you write better code through the provision of

  • Powerful, extensible, and well defined contextual lifecycles for components
  • A mechanism for decoupling application components through a typesafe event API
  • Typesafe interceptors for altering the behavior of components at runtime
  • A well defined Qualifier system for easy isolation of beans
  • A Producer mechanism of converting almost any valid Java type to a CDI managed bean
  • A Stereotype system to group together common architectural patterns
  • Bindings for using business components on the web tier of your applications through Expression Language

Dependency Injection for Java Developers

All these and more will be covered in an exciting way through a mixture of detailed theoretical explanations and practical code samples, all the while using modern pedagogical means to keep you engaged and help you absorb your new knowledge. You are encouraged to be an active student by asking questions, participating in group discussions, and helping your fellow students.

If you have ever wanted to write clean code, this course is your best guide for that. You will pick up valuable tips along the way from your instructor’s years of experience. This course will cover CDI 2.0 in detail, as well as equip you with the theoretical underpinnings of Java EE.

Dependency Injection for Java Developers will cover

  • What Java EE is
  • How Java EE is evolved through the JCP
  • What a JSR is
  • What  Reference Implementation is
  • How to contribute to the advancement of Java
  • Contexts and Dependency Injection
  • Good software engineering principles and more

Dependency Injection for Java Developers is packed with so much that by the end of the course, you will feel confident to use your newfound knowledge to help you write better, readable, maintainable, and long-lived software.

So go ahead, click on the big green button to enroll now, and be on your way to writing better software. See you in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to master the art of writing loosely coupled software applications on the Java platform
  • Anyone who wants to master the art of writing maintainable software on the Java platform
  • Who needs a firm grounding in the most important API on the Java EE Platform
  • Anyone who wants to master the newly released Java EE CDI 2.0
  • Anyone who wants to be a good Java EE software engineer
  • Who wants to master dependency injection on the Java platform
  • Last updated 1/2019

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