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Data Mapping using Python: A Beginner’s Course

Data Mapping using Python: A Beginner's Course
Data Mapping using Python: A Beginner's Course

Data Mapping using Python: A Beginner’s Course

A first visual study for Python and Data Science

What you’ll learn

Data Mapping using Python: A Beginner’s Course

  • How to start using Jupyter Notebooks and Python for data research.
  • How to use Python code to plot data on a map.
  • How to handle map data with Python’s “geopandas” module
  • How to modify base maps using Python’s “contextily” module


  • No prior programming knowledge is necessary. People who have never written any code before may use this course to plot their data on a map. You only need 7 lines of code to do this, and this course walks you through each one one by one.
  • You’ll need a Windows computer with internet access.


Maps are an excellent visual aid. We all gather geographic information, including vacation spots, favorite locations, and interesting regions. But paper maps have their limits, and draw digital maps on a computer might seem like a lot of work.

Do you have information that you’d want to display on a map but are unsure how to do it? Or maybe you’d want to try your hand at your first project in programming and would like something simple and very visual.

Working with data or coding is a terrific starting project. With only 7 lines of code, you can begin creating maps. This introductory course walks you through the necessary code line by line without requiring any prior knowledge. Python, which is a well-known programming language, is the language that is used the most in data science.

You will learn how to do this through the course lessons.

  1. Use free mapping software to create stunning maps with little coding.
  2. Data may be loaded into a map from a spreadsheet.
  3. To resize the map on a screen, use map projections.
  4. Add a roadway or natural backdrop to the area.
  5. Make the map your own by altering its look, tone, and design.
  6. Depending on what you need, you may create a complete street map or an outline drawing.

Who this course is for:

  • For those who want to tackle a simple yet very graphic project but have never coded before.
  • Anyone who has information they want to display on a map but doesn’t know how?

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