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Create Storytelling Illustrations from A to Z

Create Storytelling Illustrations from A to Z
Create Storytelling Illustrations from A to Z

Create Storytelling Illustrations from A to Z

Learn how to design and paint illustrations that will tell more than a thousand words and become a great illustrator

What you’ll learn

Create Storytelling Illustrations from A to Z

  • – How to design characters in different styles
  • – Designing other characters and elements within your chosen style
  • – How to find to make your characters appealing
  • – Good vs Bad characters – what attributes help your design to convey a better idea to your viewers
  • – The rules of composition – The Golden Ratio
  • – What is a Foreground and a Background and how you c an use them to tell a better story through your illustration
  • – Painting two styles of illustration – specifics
  • – Finding the storytelling elements
  • – The power of colors
  • – Painting in watercolor
  • – Broad strokes vs details


  • Pen and paper
  • Watercolor
  • Color pencils


So you´ve been drawing and painting since you were a little kid, but you kind of never seem to know where and how to put the next brushstroke to create amazing illustrations. You´ve been frustrated and everything that you´ve tried has been just too hard to understand.

If they’re just a lesson that could explain everything in a simple way so that you could use your creativity without hesitation? If there was a course that could teach you how to trust your creative intuition (Yes, you do have one)?

Well, wait no more.

In this set of lectures, I will be guiding you step by step in how to design, compose, paint and refine an illustration that will tell a story at the first glance. Whether you want to become a science fiction book illustrators or you want to put a brilliant painting on your wall, you will learn everything you need to know here.

And I´m not going to show you just one way of doing it. We have vast capacities within us and many designs. I will show you how you can explore your creativity and how you can approach the design process for each style.

So what will you learn here:

– How to design different styles of characters

– How to choose the right design for your capability and liking

– Design other characters and environment are suitable for the first design.

– What is a composition

– Creating a well-balanced composition

– How to use storytelling when making decisions for your illustration

– Use emotions to tell a story

– Color Palette

– How to paint with watercolor

– Use different methods to paint and create a variety of design styles

The sooner you start the better you will become. I´ll see you inside this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • Last updated 3/2021

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