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Create Chatbot for Website with React and Node.js Course

Create Chatbot for Website with React and Node.js Course
Create Chatbot for Website with React and Node.js Course

Create Chatbot for Website with React and Node.js Course

Create a chatbot for the webpage with React and Node.js. Teach chatbot to sell products, give a recommendation, measure demand

What you’ll learn

Create Chatbot for Website with React and Node.js Course

  • have an intelligent chatbot build in a website
  • have a demo chatbot that they can tweak and suit to their needs


  • you need a basic knowledge of nodejs, react and GIT
  • IDE for writing code (Visual Studio code or Webstorm or Sublime or any editor you prefer and are used to)


 In this course, you will build a chatbot for a Webpage. We’ll use Node.js and React for programming and GIT for deploying and version control. The bot will be hosted on Heroku, but you can simply host anywhere elsewhere they support Node.js. We’ll use DialogFlow to process natural language, that understands what users want.

In the course, we’ll be building a simple chatbot. Its purpose is only to show you how things work. Our bot on the page will help us sell products. It will give recommendations and measure demand.

In the process of building this chatbot, you’ll learn all that is needed to build a great bot. To get the most out of the course you can work on this sample bot and at the end tweak it to suit your needs.

You need to have at least basic knowledge of Node.js and React to start with this course. For versioning we use GIT, therefore you need to be familiar at least with basic git commands.

To make it easier for you I’ve added git commits with changes to every video that has a change in the code. This way you can compare your code to mine. And you won’t lose time debugging. And remember for any questions I’m available in the Questions and answers. You are not alone.

And remember, I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU.

The bot will be able to remember things, that is store information into a database or connect to other API services. I’ll show you different implementations so that you can play and find out what suits you most.

I help all my students at every step of development. And I’ll be here for you!

Let me tell you a bit about every section of this course.

In the first section, we’ll take an overview of the app and get familiar with tech stack, that is the technology used in this course. We’ll look at application architecture and different ways we can implement it. We’ll go through every implementation. And I’ll take you through the development stages.

The second section will introduce you to DialogFlow, natural language processor, that we’ll use to understand what our visitors want from the chatbot. We’ll go through building blocks of DialogFlow. You’ll learn about agents, intents, entities, parameters, prebuild agents and more.

Then in the third section, we start building the server-side app for the chatbot. We’ll install Expresslibrary and generate the express app. We’ll configure it for Heroku and deploy to Heroku.

When you have a basic server-side app created, you’ll be able to connect it to DialogFlow. And that is what we’ll do in section 4.

And frontend will be the next step. In the fifth section, we set up React, configure local servers, create a proxy for communicating with the backend. And we’ll create components. Components for the page and for the chatbot. Our chatbot will begin to look like a chatbot in the 5th section.

Who this course is for:

  • everyone who wants’s to build a chatbot for the page
  • has at least a basic programming skills (nodejs & react)
  • everyone who is interested in conversational commerce
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Create Chatbot for Website with React and Node.js Course

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