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Create a Basic Calculator in React + JavaScript Foundations

Create a Basic Calculator in React + JavaScript Foundations
Create a Basic Calculator in React + JavaScript Foundations

Create a Basic Calculator in React + JavaScript Foundations

You Can Learn the JavaScript and React Foundations by Creating a Calculator. Included are JSX, callbacks, events, and more.

What you’ll learn

Create a Basic Calculator in React + JavaScript Foundations

  • Building a Simple React Web Page using ReactJS
  • The Equipment Necessary to Work with React
  • An Overview of CodepenFoundations for OnClick and Callback Events in React Props, Functional Components, and JSX
  • The State react hook
  • The Calculator’s Construction Debugging in React
  • Object Model for Documents (DOM)
  • Arithmetic operators, data types, arrays, loops, and events in JavaScript
  • Variables, Operator Priority, Objects, and Functions in JavaScript
  • The Foundations of JavaScript


  • Basic familiarity with HTML and CSS.
  • Simple computer abilities


This course walks you through creating a fully working calculator in React step-by-step. React, commonly referred to as React JS, is a potent JavaScript toolkit that can be used to create unique, dynamic user interfaces by using UI components. Netflix, Facebook, and Airbnb are a few of the most well-known companies that use React for their front ends.
React continues to be open-source and free. Together with an autonomous developer community, Meta develops and maintains it. Developers may create enclosed components using React that effectively maintain their state and deliver UI updates, especially when data changes. Consider the automatic content refresh function that you see on a Twitter feed or Facebook-like button, for instance. Here, when the data is changed, the UI component’s state updates without requiring a manual refresh. This is only one of React’s many subtle yet effective features.

This course will teach you every key React concept you need to know to become a skilled React developer via a comprehensive hands-on project. We start from scratch and provide all of the necessary starting materials. In the next section, we explore JSX, functional components, props, callbacks, and multiple OnClick events. By this point, the calculator will have a full visual display and all arithmetic operations will be accessible. The next step involves utilizing the React State Hook, callback methods, and debugging.

Create a Basic Calculator in React + JavaScript Foundations

For those who need a refresher, we provide a thorough introduction to JavaScript in addition to the practical React module. Here, we begin by explaining the document object model (DOM), which establishes the logical organization of HTML text, to the students. After that, we dig into JavaScript to show several ways that DOM elements may be changed to make static components interactive. Starting from the very beginning, we place JavaScript where it belongs and output data. Then, we proceed to the declaration of variables, mathematical operations, operator precedence, data types, and objects.

Then, utilizing Arrays, Conditional Statements, JavaScript comparison operators, booleans, and loops, we advance to more intricate tasks. Students will discover how to harness JavaScript’s full potential to generate various results depending on user involvement. We will investigate how to effectively manage repeated activities using functions and how to handle output depending on actions and occurrences using JavaScript events. In a practical project to develop a web-based picture gallery and a backdrop color switcher, students will put their skills to use as the semester comes to a close.

You can see that this course covers a lot of material. The best part is that it includes Tim Maclachlan, a well-known senior full-stack developer with more than 20 years of expertise in commercial development. Tim is a multifaceted developer with a focus on mobile, analytical, and algorithmic programming. He has created hundreds of apps and worked in a variety of fields, including banking and finance, as well as commercial aviation and the military. Tim is excited to communicate with his pupils and has a genuine love for teaching people how to code.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are interested in learning how to use JavaScript to create dynamic web pages will be
  • Students that want to learn ReactJS
  • Students are drawn to developing front-end user interfaces with React.
  • Students that want to study JavaScript Foundations

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