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Crash Course Into Prometheus – Course For Free

Crash Course Into Prometheus -Course For Free 500+ Students. Ready yourself! Graduate with real skills in Prometheus!

Crash Course Into Prometheus – Course For Free

500+ Students. Ready yourself! Graduate with real skills in Prometheus!

What you’ll learn

Crash Course Into Prometheus – Course For Free

  • Download, Install and Run Prometheus
  • Check Prometheus Configuration Files and Restart the Service
  • The In’s and Out’s of PromQL
  • Operators in PromQL
  • Grafana Installation and Integration with Prometheus
  • Setup and run a basic NodeExporter Service
  • Setup and Run AlertsManager
  • Send Alerts to Slack


  • An Internet connection
  • A working Computer with either Windows/macOS or Linux
  • A desire to learn and Crush It!
  • Elementary knowledge of Unix/Linux can help you, but not needed
  • Elementary knowledge of SQL can help you, but not needed


Always have a hard time finding your error in the logs? Having a hard time configuring alerts and Kubernetes deployments with your outdated monitoring system?  Well time to switch to Prometheus! Whether you are a Software Architect looking for a way to switch over you’re conventional logging mechanism to the next generation of tools or a developer looking for a one-stop-shop to manage your entire data/monitoring storage and computation framework, Prometheus is the solution for you. You will get a quick grasp of Prometheus. Originally built by SoundCloud, it is one of the best data monitoring tools out there, with the ability to design and develop queries using its own query language called PromQL. You also great visualization using tools like Grafana. Everything is well documented and separated, so you can find what you need. Assignments and Quizzes will make sure you stay on track and test your knowledge. The course will have a combination of theory and practical examples. – Learn To Code Introduction Sign In and Signup for Prometheus. Get Familiar with the User Interface, so it doesn’t look like a strange land to you as we continue on our journey. Setup Prometheus on your local machine, whether it’s on a Mac/Windows or Linux.

Tips and Tricks/Concepts

Check your Prometheus config files and restart your service from the command line/Terminal. Then move on to learn some essential Prometheus Specific Concepts. PromQL Prometheus has it’s own query language and this is it! Learn all about it, with vectors, scalars, strings, etc. Spend some time using operators. Grafana Integration Time to visualize our data. Push metrics data from Prometheus to Grafana and create some dashboards! Node Exporter/Alerting Use the Prometheus node exporter to send data coming from your machine to Prometheus. Query against it. Then send alerts to email/slack/pager duty when things go wrong. Kubernetes Monitor your Kubernetes cluster with Prometheus.Course For Free

Who this course is for:

  • Students trying to get a quick grasp of Prometheus
  • Developers looking to monitor their apps/machines/servers with Prometheus
  • Developers and Software Architects who have used another tool to monitor their apps and are now looking to move over to Prometheus
  • Devs looking to store monitoring logs on time-series database like Prometheus
  • Those who liked the movie Prometheus 🙂
  • Content From:
  • Jmeter for SDET – Learn To Code
Download Tutorial (Size: 1.7 GB)


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