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The Complete Copywriting Course: Write To Sell in 2019 Course

The Complete Copywriting Course: Write To Sell in 2019 Course
The Complete Copywriting Course: Write To Sell in 2019 Course

The Complete Copywriting Course: Write To Sell in 2019 Course

Write compelling sales copy and grow your business & career // Packed with copywriting templates, formulas & FREE tools

What you’ll learn

The Complete Copywriting Course: Write To Sell in 2019 Course

  • Sell more products and services (just by being helpful!)
  • Compel your readers to click, download and share
  • Gently stoke people to act NOW
  • Never worry about “blank page anxiety” again
  • Grow a lifelong passion for words, language, and human behavior
  • Ethical persuasion methods (WARNING: This is a scuzz-free zone)


  • Busy business owner? Maxed-out marketer? Fledgling freelancer? This is YOUR course!
  • All you need is your wonderful brain and a willingness to learn
  • Maybe a laptop or notepad, too. 😉



Are you struggling to make sense of all the information out there?

Are you stuck for words?

Or just plain don’t know where to start?


…Read a few copywriting books.

…Fallen down endless YouTube rabbit holes.

…Maybe taken other copywriting courses – eek!!

There’s still one issue.

You’re writing isn’t working.

It’s not generating the clicks, shares, downloads, and SALES you know you deserve.

If that sounds about right, then keep reading…

Do you want expert tips to give you a competitive advantage?

Do you want access to repeatable formulas and processes?

Would you like scientifically-proven techniques to boost your confidence?

How about fun, interactive copy missions… to help you lock down the info?

And brilliantly handy templates you can overwrite… time and time again?

WELCOME and great to see you here!

My name’s Tam and I’m the copywriter behind some of Udemy’s best-selling courses.

My marketing career spans 18 years. For six of those, I’ve been running a successful copywriting business. The flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere, at any time, is what gets me bouncing out of bed every morning.

On top of that, doing something creative that feeds my inner science geek AND pays the bills? Couldn’t ask for anything better.

I believe copywriting is THE most useful (yet underrated) skill ANYONE can have.  And I genuinely can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you.

It doesn’t matter what you do, or what your goal is… it’s your words that win hearts, minds, and pockets.

You could be an app developer, a solopreneur, a digital marketer, a VA, a freelance fashion designer, a florist, an IT engineer, a business coach, a high-flying CEO, an artisan baker, an inventor, a tech startup founder, a branding agency, an Instagram wannabe, a fitness instructor, or a kick-arse web designer.

If you want to achieve your goals, it all comes down to your WORDS. The words on your website, in your emails, newsletters, pitches, proposals, and brochures. 

Yup, your COPY.


You’ll have EVERYTHING you need to write a sparkling sales copy.

Copy that will increase your conversion rates.

Which is the fancy way to say… people are MUCH more likely to take action after reading your copy.

Whether that’s to…

– Buy your latest package, service, program, subscription or product.

– Sign up to your club, membership, mailing list, or event.

– Click on a link, share your content, or download an eBook.

Fact is: good copy can motivate people.

PLEASE NOTE: This isn’t magic and it’s not a get rich scheme! You must put the work in. (As with anything in life). You must practice, polish and never stop honing your craft.

But with these skills as your foundation, I’m confident you will have everything you need to get started.

SO! Take The Complete Copywriting Course and never again will you have that teeth-gnashing frustration of not knowing where to start.

Who this course is for:

  • Marketers who want to increase their earning potential and career prospects
  • Business owners looking to attract more leads and more sales
  • Freelancers who want to upskill like crazy
  • Busy people who want to learn to Copywrite as quickly and memorably as possible!
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The Complete Copywriting Course: Write To Sell in 2019 Course

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