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Complete Backend Frameworks Bootcamp Tutorial

Complete Backend Frameworks Bootcamp Tutorial

Complete Backend Frameworks Bootcamp Tutorial

Learn the Most popular backend frameworks in the world Laravel, Django, and express JS

What you’ll learn

Complete Backend Frameworks Bootcamp Tutorial

  • Backend Frameworks concepts (MVC, MVT, package manager, ORM )
  • Buil a school management system with multiple models in Laravel
  • Laravel from the very basics to advanced
  • Django framework Basics (the concept of apps, MVT, models, class forms)
  • Build a contact app with advanced features in Django (export to CSV /JSON, paginations, search filter, Messanger )
  • Express js basics ( routes, ejs views, handle forms using body-parser)
  • MongoDB and mongoose queries
  • Build an application for cars sales with an administration system


  • PHP ,js ,python ,HTML basics


this course allows web developers to learn in practice the most popular backend frameworks used in enterprises, like Larevel the framework of PHP, Express js the framework of node js, and Django the framework of python, the course is totally pedagogic, always the course starts with simple apps to create the more complex application in the start of each chapter you have  a full document that contains the concepts of each framework plus the most used commands in that specific framework, the content of this tutorial :

Learn  backend concepts ( package manager, MVC design pattern, MVT design, pattern, Models and migrations, ORM)

Learn Laravel from scratch ( routes, controllers, models, views, authentication, forms using forms collective, base layout)

create an employee-manager app   and a school management dashboard with multiple  models and relationships between models

create a rest API  for products management

Learn Django  from scratch ( the concept of apps, views, templates, models, class forms )

create a student Manager applications

create a  Contact application with advanced features  (export to JSON, export to CSV, pagination, Messanger)

Learn Express js basics (routes, display views using  ejs, handle view using body-parser )

learn MongoDB and mongoose quires  (create ,find ,update ,delete)

Create a BestCars app for  cars sales and a management system for cars

Who this course is for:

  • passionate web developers to learn advanced technologies
  • Last updated 5/2021

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