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Complete ASP NET MVC Web Development Course – Newbie to Ninja!

Complete ASP NET MVC Web Development Course - Newbie to Ninja!

Complete ASP NET MVC Web Development Course – Newbie to Ninja!

Quickly Learn Web Development with ASP NET MVC and C#. From absolute basics to ninja! Learn C# and MVC like a Pro

What you’ll learn

Complete ASP NET MVC Web Development Course – Newbie to Ninja!

  • Learn Object Orientated Programming
  • Learn What MVC is and how to use it
  • The patterns and techniques of experienced enterprise developers
  • Learn the patterns the tops paid developers use
  • Create a cleaner code that is easier to manage and re-use
  • Write code with Fewer bugs – meaning you work faster and build a BETTER reputation
  • Build Code EASIER, by splitting it up into manageable chunks
  • Make Code more FLEXIBLE, using abstraction and interfaces
  • Easily Re-Use existing code in multiple projects


  • Determination and desire to better yourself to become a great web developer
  • A hard-working attitude and able to see the end goal of becoming a professional developer
  • Visual Studio 2017 installed (Community is fine). Understanding of HTML & CSS


Do you dream of becoming a professional web developer? Well, this is the resource for you! Learn how to program and build robust Websites using the latest technologies with this easy-to-follow, comprehensive course.

I’ll teach you to step by step from the absolute basics to the more advanced patterns used by seasoned professionals. You will become an expert ASP NET MVC C# Web Developer, take your career to the next level and learn how the top developers can demand bigger salaries!

Freelance & contract developers can make upwards of $500 a day, and the demand is increasing each year. Completing this course will open your eyes to a new world of potential earnings.

Whether you are completely new to software development or have already learned the basics, my course will walk you through everything you need to know to become world-class.

Here’s what some students have been saying:

‘A very good course on MVC, after taking some MVC courses here on Udemy, I subscribed this one, helps me to gain more clarity inside the MVC process’

‘I now see what I’ve been missing! This is certainly one of the best courses I’ve watched/read about ASP NET!’

‘I’ve run through a through a few tutorials and blog posts whilst learning MVC, and I never knew about the ideas discussed in this course, or thought they were beyond ay my beginner level.’

Do you want to learn how professional developers build best in class websites using ASP NET MVC?

Senior developers can earn more than $100k a year– one of the key differences they demonstrate is the ability to quickly write extensible code and get involved in the architecture process. This course will teach you how enterprise-class developers create ‘Best in Class’ software, and how these principals will help you create software easier, faster and be less prone to bugs.

I will teach you the basics of software development, move onto Object Orientated Programming (OOP) and introduce the 7 SOLID Principles and modern-day patterns that adhere to them such as Dependency Injection, MVC, Abstraction, and Inheritance.

Through this course you will implement:

  • An ASP NET MVC e-commerce site.
  • Object Orientated Programming (OOP)
  • Layered Architecture
  • Repository Pattern
  • Entity Framework
  • Generics
  • Dependency Injection
  • Modular Development
  • Unit Testing
  • Partial Views
  • And more!
Who this course is for:
  • This course is aimed at people wanting to learn how to program in C# to build websites. Basic programming skills (such as loops etc) are assumed but the course is comprehensive and will take your skill set from newbie to ninja!
  • Content From:
  • Introduction to ASP.Net Core MVC Pattern –Course For Free
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