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C# Programming: Mastering Delegates & Events

C# Programming: Mastering Delegates & Events
C# Programming: Mastering Delegates & Events

C# Programming: Mastering Delegates & Events

You will learn about delegates and events in C# as well as how to create effective, strong applications in this course.

What you’ll learn

C# Programming: Mastering Delegates & Events

  • Study and comprehend C delegates.
  • Learn to comprehend C# events.
  • Discover how to raise and define events.
  • Utilize scheduled events.
  • Create routed events by learning how.
  • Delegate types must be defined by you.
  • Use preset delegate types by getting to know them.
  • To modify methods, learn how to construct delegate variables.
  • Find out how to utilize event handlers with WPF and Windows Forms.


We’re glad you’re here. A type called a delegate is used to express pointers to methods that have a certain argument list and return type. A delegate’s instance may be connected to any method with a suitable signature and return type after it has been created. The delegate instance may be used to call the method. Methods are sent as objections to other methods via delegates. Simply said, event handlers are methods that are called by delegates.

When a certain event takes place, a class like a window control may invoke a custom method you’ve created. User activities like key pushes, clicks, mouse movements, etc. are examples of events. Other examples include system-generated alerts. Applications must react to events as they happen. For instance, it obstructs. Events are used to communicate between processes. People often have a hard time distinguishing between delegates and events.

The often-cited field of event-driven programming benefits from the addition of support provided by events and delegates in C#. By enabling you to specify field-like events that are automatically supported by a delegate variable of the same name, it makes problems worse. This lesson seeks to make things clearer for you. The subscriber classes are some more classes that accept this event. The publisher-subscriber paradigm is used for events.

C# Programming: Mastering Delegates & Events


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