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Android App Development For Beginners – Course Site

Android App Development For Beginners - Course Site
Android App Development For Beginners - Course Site

Android App Development For Beginners – Course Site

Step by step android development and Java tutorials included

What you’ll learn

Android App Development For Beginners – Course Site

  • Basic of android app development
  • Starting out android app development
  • You will create a complete Android app


  • You will know basic Java
  • No coding experience needed!
  • You just need to be comfortable using a computer.
  • Basic Knowledge about HTML and CSS


Today’s World is Spread With a Mobile phone it’s like when people talk about technology what comes in people mind is Smartphone

and when we talk about smartphone People talk about apps

Now people don’t just want to download apps they want to create they Own Apps

So To Develop a professional app You need to learn some Programming

Here I am to teach you the basic Structure to start with Android app development and this is very basic app development to get your hands dirty to get into the industry of how it feels like to create a single and Simple app in android Studio and Learn the Basics of Java Programming


  • installing JDK for Android Studio Detailed Video in java fundamentals
  • installing android studio
  • Understand android studio
  • installing Geny Motion
  • USB driver to connect Your Physical Device

Understand XML

  • TextView and ImageView
  • ViewGroups
  • Margin Padding
  • copy image in android studio
  • Image App
  • Overview of Android Studio
  • App Launcher

InterActive App

  • Creating Cricket App
  • Adding Method In App
  • onClickMethod
  • Calculation
  • Adding Java In team B
  • The Adding Team B XML
  • Adding Reset Button
  • Styling_Cricket_app

Some Important Theory Explanation

  • Android Update Google IO
  • Toast Message and Surprise Fidget Spinner App
  • How to add Custom Button in Application
  • Explanation OF Manifest File in Android Studio

Find Drinks Adviser

  • The Find Drinks XML
  • Find Drinks Java

Who this course is for:

  • People Who are interested In Start they carrer with android development
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make Android apps
  • Anyone who is excited about learning a new skill
  • Content From:
  • Fullstack web dev, machine learning

Android App Development For Beginners – Course Site

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