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All about NodeJS – Learn To Code | Course For Free

All about NodeJS - Learn To Code | Course For Free Create & Deploy High-Performance Node JS Apps on the Cloud and More! Build High Performance and Scalable

All about NodeJS – Learn To Code | Course For Free

Create & Deploy High-Performance Node JS Apps on the Cloud and More!

What you’ll learn

All about NodeJS – Learn To Code | Course For Free

  • Build High Performance and Scalable Apps using NodeJS
  • Learn about ES6 with my free eBook – ECMAScript 6 QuickBytes
  • Use NodeJS Streams to write a Web Server
  • Use the Node Package Manager (NPM) for managing dependencies
  • Learn to Use the Express 4 Framework for building NodeJS Apps
  • Use the EJS templating language
  • Understand MongoDB as a NoSQL Database
  • Create & Use MongoDB Databases using services like MongoLab
  • Create Realtime Apps that use Web Sockets
  • Upload & Resize Images using NodeJS
  • Integrate Authentication using Social Media Sites like Facebook
  • Structure the NodeJS app into modules
  • Create and Deploy EC2 Cloud Server Instances on Amazon Web Services
  • Create and Use Amazon’s S3 Storage Service with NodeJS
  • Use Amazon’s Cloudfront Service
  • Using Amazon’s Elastic IP
  • Configure Security Groups, Ports & Forwarding on Amazon EC2
  • Deploy a NodeJS app on the EC2 Instance
  • Learn to Deploy a NodeJS app on Heroku
  • Deploy a NodeJS app on Digital Ocean
  • Install & Deploy NGINX as a Reverse Proxy Server for NodeJS Apps
  • Configure NGINX as a Load Balancer
  • Learn about Enterprise Integration
  • Create an app using the incredible Hapi framework
  • Learn more about logging using the Hapi framework
  • Learn to use ES6 with Nodejs
  • Install & Deploy Apache Apollo MQ with Nodejs and a Python Script


  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Basic Working knowledge of an image editing application such as Adobe Photoshop would also help but is not necessarily needed.


About this Course

NodeJS is a platform that allows developers to write server-side high performance and networked applications. And that too using good old Javascript. But wait! Isn’t Javascript meant to be used for forms and stuff on web pages?

Well, that was 10 years ago. The world has gone from ‘Oops! You’ve not filled up the form properly !’ days to today’s modern web apps and social media sites that rely heavily on Javascript. Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn, being handful of examples of this movement. And to think that this quantum leap would not have been possible without Javascript is not an overstatement. Today, when you socialize with your friends on Facebook or use your Gmail inbox, you’re running thousands of lines of code written in Javascript, in your browser. Learn To Code | Course For Free

With Node JS, you can take this knowledge back on the server, where usually you would expect to see the likes of PHP, Ruby, ASP dot NET, etc. But that’s only a small portion of the reason why NodeJS is so cool. The fact that you can write full-blown networked applications (think chat servers, collaborative tools, real-time data visualization apps) with just a few lines of code is more than reason enough to not only look at NodeJS but deep dive into it!

But I know PHP? Why should I learn NodeJS? Well, for starters, learning something new never hurts. But most importantly, learning NodeJS is great because :

  1. Node allows you to write highly scalable networked apps deployed on the cloud!
  2. You’re working at a different level of application design per se with Node and that means that you’re not writing an app that sits on top of a stack, you design the stack from the server up. And while that may sound daunting, it is not and you’ll see why. Learn To Code
  3. Your code in the same language, both on the server and the front end! We’re all polyglots (we use multiple programming languages and syntax in most of our projects), but managing code in the same language on the back-end and the front-end never hurts and in-fact can be a huge time saver when debugging.
  4. NodeJS is used by the likes of LinkedIn, Yahoo and Microsoft to name a few. It’s pretty new and consequently, you gain advantage from the exponentially growing community of NodeJS & Javascript developers and that’s great fun! Learn To Code
  5. If you’ve been coding in Javascript, you can leverage your existing knowledge and skills and take it to a whole new level!

Project Oriented Learning

With NodeJS, we will build two full-blown apps. We will go all the from concept creation, UI/UX design to coding and deploying our app on the cloud.

A. chat – One of the fun things that you can do with NodeJS is built realtime apps that allow a high number of concurrent users to interact with each other. Examples of this kind include Chat Servers, Gaming Servers, Collaborative Tools, etc. We will build a multi-room chat server that allows users to login via Facebook, Create Chatrooms of their choice and Chat in realtime. We will not only create this app but also deploy it on Heroku and Digital Ocean!

You will learn all about using Websockets, Efficiently structuring your App, creating and using development & production configurations, Authentication using Facebook, Setting up an App on Facebook, Managing Sessions, Querying & Using a Hosted MongoDB Database, Using Heroku & Digital Ocean’s Cloud Services and lots more…

B. photo grid – The second complete app that we will build in this course is a Photo Gallery app which lets users upload images into a gallery with the ability to vote up the images that they like. The entire app runs on an Amazon EC2 Cloud Server which we will create from scratch and configure for use.

You will learn about managing file uploads using NodeJS & AJAX, Resizing Images on the Server, Accessing & Storing files in an S3 Bucket, Querying & Using a Hosted MongoDB Database, Using Amazon’s Elastic IP Service & Cloudfront distribution, ensuring your NodeJS app runs automatically even if the server is restarted and lots more…

In the projects above, we leave no stone unturned in terms of execution. My intent is to handhold you from writing your first app to deploying production level apps on the cloud.

Who this course is for:

  • Understand the inner workings of NodeJS
  • Web Designers & Front End Developers who wish to extend their knowledge of Javascript for building high-performance network applications.
  • Software Developers who want to build high-performance network applications Course For Free.
  • Absolute beginners with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, wanting to upgrade to professional Web Development and Building Web Apps.
  • Anyone who wishes to get hands-on training with setting up an Amazon EC2 Instance with a host of other services like Cloudfront, Elastic IP and S3
  • Anyone who wishes to get hands-on training with deploying a NodeJS app on the cloud – Course For Free
  • Computer Engineering students
  • Tech Entrepreneurs who want to get their hands down and dirty with Web Coding & App Development.
  • Anyone who wishes to stay at the forefront of technology!
  • PHP, ASPnet, Perl, Java & Ruby coders wanting to leap onto the NodeJs bandwagon.
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