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Advanced Authentication & Authorization Project

Advanced Authentication & Authorization Project
Advanced Authentication & Authorization Project

Advanced Authentication & Authorization Project

Understanding Advanced User Authentication and Authorization for Website Creation (Using JWT, httpOnly, and Axios)

What you’ll learn

Advanced Authentication & Authorization Project

  • Improve Your Website’s Advanced Authentication and Authorization
  • Using only HTTP cookies
  • How to Use JWT to Encrypt Details
  • Password encryption for the user
  • Use an httpOnly cookie that the frontend cannot access instead of sharing any tokens or credentials with its local storage, cookies, or sessions.
  • A Refresh Token should be made. To keep the user hooked in after logging out.


  • Knowledge of JavaScript and React is required.


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Hello, Welcome

If you are reading this description, you have indeed read it correctly. This project uses the MERN Stack for enhanced user authentication and authorization.

What you will discover,

  • How to construct a safe backend
  • Using JWT Bearer Tokens
  • Using only HTTP cookies
  • What to do to encrypt a user’s password before putting it in a database
  • Building a Frontend Using httpOnly
  • How to just send cookies back
  • How can the user login after the token has expired?

MERN Stack will be used. Due to this

MongoDB is a cross-platform, document-oriented database system that is open source. MongoDB, a NoSQL database application, employs documents that resemble JSON and may or may not include schemas.

ReactJS: React is a front-end JavaScript library that is free and open-source for creating user interfaces based on UI components.

NodeJS: Node.js is a back-end JavaScript runtime environment that is open-source, cross-platform, and powered by the V8 engine. It executes JavaScript code outside of a web browser.

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers who are just starting out who want to learn how to add login and signup functionality to their applications

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