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A Masterclass on Vegan Cooking

A Masterclass on Vegan Cooking
A Masterclass on Vegan Cooking

A Masterclass on Vegan Cooking

Vegan dishes that are simple and delectable for everyday meals.

What you’ll learn

A Masterclass on Vegan Cooking

  • Create simple menus for your weekly meals.
  • Prepare diverse lunches, dinners, and breakfasts.
  • In every dish, swap out eggs or dairy with a vegan option.
  • Make vegan buttermilk.


  • Scale
  • Bowls
  • Oven
  • Stove
  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Cutting Board
  • Spatulas
  • Measuring spoons
  • Jars


I will be sharing all of my information and recipes with you during this Vegan Cooking Masterclass to enable you to make the tastiest vegan meals imaginable.

By completing this course, you will learn how to prepare vegan meals at home using basic ingredients and straightforward recipes.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never cooked a vegan meal before or have been a vegan for a long time. With the aid of this vegan cooking course, you may learn to prepare delicious meals for your regular diet.

This course aims to make being vegan simpler for you and provide you with a wide variety of delectable dishes to consume at home or bring to work.

You will learn how to prepare the following delectable meals in this course:


  • Veggie pancakes
  • Strawberries on vegan scones
  • Compote de strawberries.
  • An English muffin recipe for vegans is provided here.
  • Hummus
  • Grains for Vegetarians
  • A smoothie with mango and banana


  • overnight oats with apples
  • Vegan Quinoa Salad
  • No-Sugar Apple Sauce
  • Almond and oat vegan muffins
  • Mint and pea soup for vegans
  • spaghetti sauce
  • Lentil Meatballs Vegan
  • Pretzels that are vegan
  • Tikka Masala with Tofu Vegan.
  • Garlic Vegan Rice
  • roasted chickpeas, roasted vegetables, and tahini dressing on a salad.


  • A bowl of vegan burritos
  • Vegan bean curry with flatbread and garlic
  • Macaroni and cheese that is vegan
  • McKhani Dal (vegan)
  • Meatless Rotis
  • Garlic bread and mushroom balls with coleslaw salad.

In this session, you can expect to discover some entertaining and original vegan dishes.

Who this course is for:

  • Fans of vegan cuisine
  • Lovers of plant-based food
  • Vegetarians and vegan athletes
  • Flexitarians
  • fervent vegans

A Masterclass on Vegan Cooking

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