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A complete hands-on course on JavaScript, XML, AJAX, and React

A complete hands-on course on JavaScript, XML, AJAX, and React
A complete hands-on course on JavaScript, XML, AJAX, and React

A complete hands-on course on JavaScript, XML, AJAX, and React

Learn how to use JS, Ajax, and React for front-end web development to make interactive, asynchronous page updates.

What you’ll learn

A complete hands-on course on JavaScript, XML, AJAX, and React

  • Recognize how crucial the Document Object Model (DOM) is
  • Find out how to work with the DOM.
  • Learn how to use the variables and arithmetic operators in JavaScript.
  • Work with Arrays and JavaScript data types.
  • Recognize different JavaScript loop types (For-In, For, Do-While, While).
  • Make use of JavaScript functions and objects.
  • Acquire an understanding of operator precedence.
  • Make use of JavaScript events.
  • You can create interactive web pages using JavaScript, CSS, or HTML.
  • Understand the XML Schema
  • Get familiar with parsing XML files.
  • Find out what asynchronous JavaScript and XML are used for (AJAX).
  • Get familiar with AJAX Call Functions.
  • Using AJAX, create a search suggestion feature.
  • Using AJAX, create an auto-populated choice menu.
  • Examine the React Foundations.
  • Recognize the Resources Required for React Projects
  • Create a React-based E-Commerce Search Feature.
  • Find out how to use React to create a calculator, a Connect-4 clone, and a completely unique e-commerce site.
  • Learn React’s Form Validation API


  • No prior programming knowledge is necessary. Everything you need to know will be taught to you.
  • Basic knowledge of computers.
  • Basic familiarity with HTML and CSS.


Welcome to this fascinating new course in which we examine some of the most potent front-end development languages used in contemporary web development. You will discover how to use JavaScript, XML, AJAX, and React to create highly dynamic web pages from scratch in this course. In the JavaScript session, you will discover various ideas crucial to your development career. Working with variables, mathematical operations, objects, functions, arrays, events, and loops are all included in this. Working with both internal and external JavaScript code components will teach you the value of JavaScript placement.

Additionally, you will get the chance to practice using conditional statements to compare various operations. After you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals, we’ll delve into a number of JavaScript development projects where you will get the chance to put your newly acquired knowledge to use via useful hands-on activities. This means making a picture gallery with mouseovers, image transitions, and a background color that changes on its own.

To show the potential of asynchronous page updates, we will study XML and AJAX in the second half of the course. This entails creating web components that automatically refresh a web page without requiring user intervention. You will get the chance to work with JavaScript, XML, and AJAX to create contemporary web app components like a search suggestion function and a pre-populated choose menu.

A complete hands-on course on JavaScript, XML, AJAX, and React

Once you have a solid grasp of JavaScript and AJAX, we will move on to using React, a potent JavaScript toolkit used for developing front-end user interfaces. The React portion begins with a practical project that teaches you how to construct a fully working calculator using functional React components, props, callback functions, OnClick Events, and the React State hook. The second project, where you will create a connect-4 clone, will then be introduced. Here, we’ll go over more advanced ideas, including providing props, destructuring, passing click event arguments, different styling techniques, and managing callbacks.

In the course’s last segment, we develop a full e-commerce site with several product categories, a product display, a shopping cart function, and other features to further explore the capabilities of React. Here, we introduce a number of crucial new ideas, including the JSON server, the Fetch API, and setting up the React router. From there, we explore React’s “context” idea before diving into styled-components, rewriting the store layout, and more. We’ll also provide a method for finding items. After that, we’ll spend a lot of time working on React input form validation.

You can see that this course covers a lot of material. The best part is that Tim Maclachlan, a respected senior full-stack developer with more than 20 years of expertise in commercial development, co-authored it. Tim is a multifaceted developer with a focus on mobile, analytical, and algorithmic programming. He has created hundreds of apps and worked in a variety of fields, including banking and finance, as well as commercial aviation and the military. Tim is eager to get to know his pupils and is really motivated to teach them how to become better programmers.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to learn JavaScript
  • Those who want to master responsive front-end development should
  • Students who want to create mobile-responsive UI components
  • JavaScript, AJAX, and React basics are taught to students that are interested.
  • Students that are interested in utilizing React to create user interfaces
  • Students who want to understand the basics of asynchronous web page elements
  • Who wants to create interactive websites


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