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5G and Wireless Communication for Beginners – Course Site

5G and Wireless Communication for Beginners - Course Site
5G and Wireless Communication for Beginners - Course Site

5G and Wireless Communication for Beginners – Course Site

A Complete guide with Technical Concepts, Business Insights, and Future Prospects

What you’ll learn

5G and Wireless Communication for Beginners – Course Site

  • 5G
  • Wireless Communication
  • Cellular Networks
  • Mobile Communication
  • Telecom Market Case Studies
  • Basics of Cellular Mobile Communication like Frequency, Multiple Access, Hand-offs, Cellular Structure, etc
  • Advanced Technologies like CDMA, LTE, SDN and New Radio
  • Business Know-Hows of telecom market like Standard Essential Patents, Spectrum Auctions, etc
  • The Good and Bad about 5G
  • Honest consumer insight about when and should you switch to 5G
  • How to prepare for 5G empowered Jobs


  • If you are a Mobile/Smartphone user, you are good to go.
  • You think 5G is 100 times faster 4G
  • If you want to leverage 5G empowered jobs


5G, the 5th Generation of Wireless Mobile Communication has taken 2019 by storm! Some people are making optimistic expectations, some are making ridiculous theories while others are awaiting any and every update about 5G. If we look at a few decades in the past… 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G have changed our social, professional and personal lives drastically. Yet 5G is expected to be the biggest game-changer of all which is amazing but not surprising!

But, what exactly is 5G?

This question is simple on the surface but gets more and more interesting as you dig deeper.

5G is the fastest wireless mobile internet ever. It will serve ~10 times more devices than 4G and it will also empower Millions (let’s say it again, Millions) of jobs! That’s not all. 5G is like an entry pass for some of the following technologies to comfortably take over the commercial market.

  • Internet of Things
  • Industrial Automation
  • Mixed Reality
  • Self Driving vehicles
  • Unmanned locomotives and drones
  • Cloud Services
  • More progressive web and so on.

5G is revolutionary in many aspects. From antennas to frequencies, from networks to roll-outs; it’s a major overhaul that was long-awaited and needed. But without understanding these basics, learning about 5G is like making lemonade without knowing what’s a lemon!

This course is your perfect companion for the Journey of understanding 5G from its roots. Course Site

  • It starts off with the first generation of wireless telecom and takes key topics from every consequent update.
  • Every essential concept of wireless communication is explained with simplicity, visually appealing graphics, animations, and engaging narrative.
  • From what is an antenna to how can Cloud aid 5G, from what is frequency to how VoIP fits in mobile communication… You will get answers to all of your questions.
  • You will also get business insights via stories and case studies.
  • Mini assignments will keep you active and engaged.
  • Articles and Stat-sheets will add value and longevity to your learning experience.

That’s not all, we have made sure that this course appeals to everyone because 5G will touch all of our lives equally. So, you don’t even have to be from a communications background! All you need to be is an average cellphone user!

This course will start with easy and familiar beginnings and go to deeper and interesting ends. If you’re from Communications though, some parts will be your quick revision while others will provide you largely overlooked but important insights! So whether you’re a school student, an industry professional or someone in-between. There are different but satisfactory takeaways for all of you.

Who this course is for:

  • Mobile phone users
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science, IT and Electrical Engineering Students and Professionals
  • 5G enthusiasts
  • Students or working professionals curious about Wireless Communication and 5G
  • Business Administration students and professionals interested in the Telecom Market
  • Anyone and Everyone who is curious about 5G
  • Software Engineers, Network Engineers, DevOps Engineers, IoT Developers
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5G and Wireless Communication for Beginners – Course Site

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